NH: Good news, but help is still needed…

A few months ago we reported on HB 195, which was a simple bill that placed into statutory law, a fact that most New Hampshire residents knew anyway that: “The act of displaying a firearm shall not, in and of itself and without additional circumstances, constitute reckless conduct…”

I am happy to report that July 23, Governor Sununu signed HB 195 into law and it will take effect on September 21, 2021. No one should be the victim of a malicious, anti-gun prosecutor or police officer just for carrying a gun.

While we are applauding HB 195, we are still awaiting action on SB 141 to repeal the broken gun line and HB 334 to extend Constitutional Carry to snowmobiles and ATVs. The General Court website lists them has having passed both houses, click here for the SB 141 docket, and click here for HB 334 docket. However, GOAs Statehouse sources told me that the Constitutional requirements have been met, those who needed to sign documents have signed and the bill will be on Governor Sununu’s desk very soon.

Since Governor Sununu signed HB 195 into law, now would be a good time to click here to thank him for once again standing up for freedom — but to also let him know that SB 141 and HB 334 are even more important to gun owners who live, work and vacation in New Hampshire.