NH: Report from Concord, Pro-Gun Action Still Needed!

Urge Gov. Sununu to sign vital pro-gun reforms into law!

The public hearings are over, the House of Representatives and Senate have cast their votes, and two pro-gun bills will soon be on Governor Sununu’s desk. I’m writing today to let you know exactly where we stand and to encourage you to contact the Governor’s office and urge him to sign both HB 334 (Constitutional Carry for certain off road vehicles) and SB 141 (disbanding the broken gun line).

Over the past six months, we have sent several alerts on why both of these bills are vitally important pro-gun reforms. In summary, HB 334 treats riders of ATVs and Snowmobiles the same as motorcyclists, boaters and drivers of cars and trucks by repealing the requirement to obtain a pistol and revolver license to carry a loaded handgun while riding one of these machines. This is simple clerical update to the 2017 Constitutional Carry law. SB 141, abolishes the delay prone gun line and allows gun dealers to contact FBI NICS for handgun sales. This process is the same one that is currently used for rifles and shotguns and is also used by 37 other states.

The General Court heard you loud and clear, and they did their job. We now have one final task: to contact Governor Sununu and urge him to sign both HB 334 and SB 141 into law.

If you prefer to make a phone call, the number is: (603) 271-2121. When you call, let the person answering the phone know that you would like Governor Sununu to sign both HB 334 and SB 141 into law. Give them your name and please remember to be polite.

Thank you for your diligent pro-gun activism. It made a huge difference!