Updates on This Week’s House Session — Action still needed….

The New Hampshire House met in session on Wednesday and Thursday, and I’ve got good news to report.

On February 24, the House voted HB 145 as “inexpedient to legislate” — which is a good outcome since this was an extreme bill that would have diminished your Second Amendment rights.

HB 145 would have repealed not only stand your ground protections, but could have also forced people to flee from a home invader instead of using force to defend their families and home. HB 145 was sponsored by convicted felon, Rep. Max Abramson.

The really big news is that on a motion by pro-gun leader, Rep. John Burt, the House voted to “indefinitely postpone” HB 246, the “elder care gun confiscation bill.” This means that this gun ban cannot be reintroduced next year. This is an even better outcome than the committee recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate.”  The roll call vote was 195-158.

On February 25, the House of Representatives voted HB 197 as “ought to pass” on a 206-144 roll call. This important legislation makes the law clear, that a person can defend themselves (or anyone else) in a vehicle, their home, or its curtilage.

Please watch your inbox, as we will let you know when the Senate schedules a public hearing on HB 197.

The Criminal Justice Committee has voted HB 334 (snowmobile carry) as “ought to pass.” But the committee is still working on HB 307 (pre-emption) and HB 195 (defensive display of firearms). We will let you know if any further action is needed.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has still not made a decision on the fate of SB 141 (repealing the inefficient “gun line”).

Please click here to take action to urge the committee to vote SB 141 as “ought to pass.”