NH: Tell Sen. Hassan to Save the Filibuster!

Remember California?

It used to be a somewhat conservative state. It elected Ronald Reagan as Governor. Conservative Sam Hayakawa represented it in the U.S. Senate. I know; I worked for Hayakawa on his Senate agenda.

Then two things happened:

The first was the Simpson-Mazzaoli amnesty bill. Signed (foolishly) by President Ronald Reagan, it gave the vote to roughly 3,000,000 illegals.

With the new more liberal electorate, California changed its voting rules.

Now, Leftist activists combed urban centers for millions of fraudulent ballots sent by the state to Democrats who were otherwise too lazy or uninformed to vote.

The result? California is now virulently anti-gun, and is unlikely to turn around any time soon.

New Hampshire’s far-Leftist U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan is now trying to implement California’s loony game plan with the country at large — and to strip Granite Staters of the Second Amendment rights which her friends out West have already taken away.

She has announced that she would do this by fraudulently stripping the Senate rules which are currently preventing Senator Chuck Schumer from enacting California’s pro-Democrat fraudulent voting law in the nation at large.

Once Hassan has torn a hole in the filibuster rules in order to pass vote fraud legislation, there would be nothing to stop her from passing every piece of gun control under the same scheme.

Once Hassan has used her procedural fraud scheme (the elimination of the filibuster) to change election rules to benefit anti-gun Democrats, this same scheme can be used to go after guns directly.

If this vote fraud legislation is enacted into law, photo identification will be made illegal, Democratic activists would harvest ballots and of course keep the polls be open long enough to allow a “blue-wave” organizing campaign to “elect” anti-gun Democrats.

After that bloodless coup, the new majority will be cemented in place for the “change” that Barack Obama only dreamed of. With no filibuster to stop them they will be free to ban semi-autos and magazines (retroactively), gun registration would soon follow, coupled with middle-of-the-night red flag gun confiscation raids.

Ever wondered how a once free country slides into despotism? That is how.

Please don’t wait — Click here to urge Sen. Hassan to abandon her ill advised plans to eliminate the filibuster.