Go on Offense, Say NO to all Gun Control!

Go on Offense, Say NO to all Gun Control!

Dear Senator:

Gun Owners of America would urge you to vote NO on every gun control proposal that comes before you today.

It’s unfortunate to see that the response to anti-gun Democrat proposals is gun control “lite.”

As GOA’s Legislative Counsel Michael Hammond argues in his recent Townhall article here, Senators should be going on the offense instead of just playing defense.

A poll of over 15,000 law-enforcement personnel showed that our “first responders” believe that armed civilians, not gun control, will make Americans safer.

Going on the offense would mean offering proposals to advance Second Amendment rights — and this would most certainly make all Americans safer.

Consider what this poll of 15,000 law-enforcement officers showed:

  • By a 2-1 margin, police favor arming civilians as a better response to crime than expanding background checks;
  • 80% do not think the underlying principle behind Universal Background Checks would be effective at stopping criminals from getting firearms;
  • 91% favor armed civilians carrying firearms;
  • 86% say that mass shootings can be avoided or reduced by arming civilians (aka, eliminating Gun-Free Zones); and
  • Over 90% believe that banning so-called “assault weapons” or ammunition magazines would NOT reduce violent crime.

Based on these poll results, most law-enforcement are telling you:

1) Say NO to Universal Background Checks and gun/magazine bans;

2) Repeal Gun-Free Zones; and,

3) Expand concealed carry (such as by passing Sen. Cornyn’s S. 498).

To be sure, NOT ONE of the proposals that are being offered by anti-gun Democrats would have made a difference in Orlando.

The most egregious example is their pushing Universal Background Checks (aka, universal registration).  After all, the Orlando gunman passed background checks in purchasing his firearm.

Again, I would encourage you to devise “offensive” strategies that force Democrats to vote on pro-gun legislation.

As stated by Mr. Hammond in his Townhall column:

Rather than trying to fight on the Left’s turf by offering half of the gun control Feinstein and Murphy are hocking, the GOP might want to look at the successful post-Columbine gun control fight….

Think carefully before strengthening your enemies and punishing your friends. The “gun issue” delivered the Senate to Republicans in 2014. It can do that again if the Senate GOP doesn’t work to demoralize and destroy it.


Erich Pratt

Executive Director