NE: Stop Constitutional Carry Bill From Being Watered Down!

Sen. Tom Brewer, District 43, recently introduced Legislature Bill 773 – a measure that would advance the decades long fight for Constitutional Carry in the Cornhusker State.

However, gun control advocates are not sitting quietly while this bill works its way through the process. Misguided legislators have demanded the Sen. Brewer include Amendment 2106 to the bill.

If that amendment is adopted, LB 773 would grant statutory standing to Omaha’s unconstitutional firearm’s registration scheme. It would increase penalties for non-violent offenses if a defendant is found to have committed a petty crime while carrying a firearm. Additionally, the amendment would grant prosecutors the authority to charge law-abiding citizens with a felony for failure to notify law enforcement when they are exercising their unalienable right to bear arms in defense of life, liberty, and property.

The original version of LB 773 is a step in the right direction. But the amended version would weaken Brewer’s bill. Your legislator needs to know that a vote for the original language of the bill is a vote for liberty – a vote that assures citizens of their legislator’s support for the God-given rights of all Nebraskans.

Simply put, the original version of LB 773 will make Nebraska communities more secure and enable Nebraskans to more freely exercise their liberties, as the Founders’ intended.

GOA is pleased to recognize Senator Brewer for his stalwart effort to advance the liberty of all Nebraskans despite many legislative challenges. Senator Brewer’s commitment to the cause of freedom and liberty is in keeping with the highest traditions of American statesmanship. However, his fight – and ours – is far from finished!

Advocates of liberty must generate momentum so that legislators pass the unamended version of LB 773. Nebraskans deserve to live and carry freely.

So please CLICK HERE NOW and tell your Nebraska elected officials to pass a Constitutional Carry bill that protects the rights of all Cornhuskers!