New “Assault Weapons” Ban Incoming

Last month, in the People’s House, Rep. Cicilline called YOUR constitutional right to keep and bear arms “bullsh**t.” 

This month, Rep. Cicilline has introduced a bill to BAN “ASSAULT WEAPONS” that will be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee next week.

After the Senate voted to pass gun control in June, I’m calling on GOA members like you to turn up the heat on the House and Senate to stop this next assault on our God-given rights.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your House representative and two Senators to VOTE NO on banning so-called “assault weapons.”

An “assault weapons” ban would be a dangerous slippery slope for our country.

Not only is such a phrase intended to needlessly scare the public, but its vagueness also gives anti-gunners free rein to ban an ever-growing list of firearms. At some point, any firearm could be classified as an “assault weapon.”

With Pelosi’s House likely to pass this latest gun control bill, the deadlocked Senate truly is our only hope of defeating it.

And after Senate Republicans’ betrayal of gun owners in June, we’re going to have to fight extra hard to ensure the 15 Republican backstabbers do not surrender again.

Right now, pollsters give both Republicans and Democrats an equal 50% chance of winning the Senate majority.

In other words, pro-gun Senators cannot afford to lose a single vote.

But, if Republicans betray gun owners again by voting to ban so-called “assault weapons,” thousands of gun owners in swing states across the country will stay home on Election Day.

GOA’s own internal polling has found that 97% of gun owners would NOT re-elect a legislator who votes for a ban on “assault weapons.”

Let’s also not forget that Bill Clinton still blames his massive midterm losses in 1994 on his passage of the semi-auto ban AND the Brady Bill.

And even for those anti-gun Senators like Pat Toomey who are retiring, a vote to ban so-called “assault weapons” would certainly lead rural Pennsylvanians to sit out this election and let the virulently anti-gun Democrat candidate win the open Senate seat.

That’s why it’s CRITICAL that the House and Senate hear the catastrophic electoral consequences of voting for this assault on our rights directly from voters like YOU.

So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to your representative in the House and Senators to VOTE NO on banning so-called “assault weapons.”