MI: anti-gun bills headed to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desk

Over the last 2 months, fifty-eight Members of the Michigan House of Representatives have betrayed you by passing HB 4945, 4127, and 4128.  

Here’s what they do: 

HB 4945 makes certain misdemeanor offenses in Michigan an 8-year gun ban.  
House Bills 4127 and 4128 would prohibit law-abiding Michiganders from possessing firearms at polling places — expanding dangerous “gun free” zones, leaving you unprotected from criminals who would seek to harm you while you exercise your right to vote.
(Correction house bills 4127 and 4128 have not passed the senate so they are not on their way to the governor’s office. They were stopped in the senate by an error and are still a threat to pass through in the future.) 
Unfortunately, this bill (HB 4945) is on it’s way to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desk where she will sign it into law. But that cannot stop us from taking action and letting her know that, by signing these bills, she is directly infringing on the rights of everyone in Michigan.  

With the passing of these bills, several Republicans have exposed themselves as frauds and traitors to the Second Amendment, and we will look to hold them accountable in the upcoming legislative and election seasons.  

The RINO’s are Matt Hall, Tom Kuhn, Kathy Schmaltz, Mark Tisdel, and Donni Steele. 

Please contact Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and let her know we will not stand for this encroachment on our rights.