Have You Submitted Your Comments to the ATF?

Gun Owners of America just submitted our own comments opposing the proposed Universal Registration Checks rule to the ATF.

Have you submitted your comment yet?

The deadline to submit comments is this Thursday, December 7th.

GOA has already generated more than 50,000 comments from grassroots gun owners opposing the rule – but we’d like to generate a whole lot more before the deadline!

It will take less than a minute to do your part to defend the Second Amendment.

Please add your name to our prewritten comment to the ATF expressing your strong opposition to the new Universal Registration Checks rule.

I recently went on an episode of Guns & Gadgets with Jared Yanis to discuss the ATF’s Universal Registration Check rule and how Americans can help stop it.

For the first time in American history, the federal government will require virtually every person who sells a gun privately to be a licensed gun dealer – and every person who buys one privately to register the sale with the federal government!

As you know, gun registration is the first step towards confiscation…and by becoming a licensed gun dealer, gun owners would be forced to submit to warrantless searches by ATF agents looking for even the slightest violations.

To make matters even worse, the ATF can throw the book at any gun owner who runs afoul of the new rule!

If you sell a gun and the ATF determines you made a “profit,” you can be jailed for 5 years and fined $250,000!

With the end of the public comments period only a couple days away, it’s critical that every gun owner stand with GOA by submitting a comment telling these anti-gun zealots to pound sand.

I also want to reiterate one other point I made on the show.

Taking 30 seconds to submit a comment is absolutely worth it!

In the past, the public comments period has been instrumental to our efforts to kill the ATF’s gun control entirely or force them to roll back large portions of it.

For example, after gun owners submitted nearly 100,000 comments, the Obama Administration’s ATF completely abandoned their green tip ammo ban!

More recently, the ATF made several concessions on their “ghost guns” rule – including nixing the portion requiring a background check to buy small components of a firearm – after GOA members and activists submitted over 60,000 comments in opposition.

The ATF even admitted that the backlash from GOA members was the driving force behind those concessions!

GOA is still fighting that unconstitutional rule in court, but without your activism, it could have been a whole lot worse.

Even if the ATF moves ahead with the Universal Registration Checks rule, GOA will use your comments as part of our case when we take the ATF to court.

No matter what happens, your activism is an indispensable part of our strategy to stop this unconstitutional ATF gun control from going into effect.

That’s why we’re counting on YOU to submit a comment as soon as possible.

So please, add your name to our prewritten comment to the ATF expressing your strong opposition to the new Universal Registration Checks rule.