GOA Supports PA Business that was Illegally Shut Down by ATF


May 20, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. —This morning, Gun Owners of America (GOA) lent their support to JSD Supply, the ;largest distributor of homemade firearm parts and kits, located outside of Pittsburgh, after the business filed a federal lawsuit against the ATF in the Western District of Pennsylvania yesterday.  ATF sent JSD Supply an unclear and confusing Cease and Desist Order regarding their sale of firearm products, including some that the Biden Administration is planning to regulate this August.

This has forced JSD Supply to shut down their operation, which is largely firearm parts that include slides, barrels, triggers, springs, unfinished “80% frames and receivers,” and occasionally tools that may be used by the customer to privately complete the manufacturing process. Of concern is the inability of the company to operate at all right now, in essence to sell any of their numerous products that ATF admits are not regulated. Most alarmingly, while ATF has repeatedly approved of incomplete 80% Frames and Receivers as non-firearms, it appears as though the agency is changing their definition in advance of their August, 2022 final rule, and beginning to shut down operations on businesses who retail in this legal trade.

Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement:

“JSD Supply was just the first domino to fall in the ATF’s latest unwarranted action. Frustratingly, we have confirmed at least one additional company forced to halt sales and we expect more to follow. Make no mistake, this is the beginning of a political crusade against homemade firearms. Forcing small businesses across the country to close their doors with no legal authority to do so is wrong and a blatant abuse of power. At GOA, we are lending our support and working to make the American public aware of this illegal action by the anti-gun and soft-on-crime Biden Administration.” 

Erich Pratt, as well as GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs, Aidan Johnston, are available for interviews.