GOA Deals Serious Setback to Biden’s Anti-gun Agenda

GOA and the State of Texas Secure a Preliminary Injunction Against Biden’s Pistol Ban!

Great News!

Last night, GOA successfully secured a preliminary injunction from a federal judge against Biden’s pistol ban that applies to all members of Gun Owners of America.

This is a serious setback to Joe Biden who was hell-bent on outlawing 40,000,000 firearms, thus turning millions of Americans into felons once the clock struck midnight last night.

Now that GOA, along with the state of Texas, has secured this injunction, we can argue our lawsuit on the merits and ask the court to completely STRIKE DOWN this egregious government overreach.

But the Biden-Harris Administration is committed to winning this case, and they’ve made sure their anti-gun ATF cronies have all the funds they need at their disposal.

Meanwhile, our legal expenses are already mounting – and we’re anticipating tens of thousands of dollars in additional legal costs as we continue the fight to defeat the ATF in court.

That’s why we’re asking grassroots pro-gun activists like YOU to help us muster the funds we need to win this case and OVERTURN Biden’s pistol ban for good.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear.

Gun Owners of America fought to secure a preliminary injunction for ALL gun owners, not just our members.

The court only granted an injunction for our members – and while we’re grateful that our members are protected from prosecution under this court order, we did ask for more.

We always have been – and always will be – fighting to defend the freedom of EVERYONE.

In fact, GOA has fought this tyrannical pistol ban in every way imaginable since its inception, both on Capitol Hill and in the courts:

✅ We successfully lobbied for the withdrawal of ATF’s first pistol brace rule under President Donald Trump.

✅ We led a campaign to comment publicly during the ATF’s second proposed pistol brace rule – and over 30% of all public comments received were from GOA members!

✅ We submitted FOIA requests to uncover ATF brace malfeasance to prepare for our lawsuit.

✅ We filed our lawsuit against Biden’s pistol ban and an amicus brief to help other lawsuits on appeal.

✅ We lobbied for H. J. Res. 44 to overturn Biden’s pistol ban.

✅ We delivered tens of thousands of emails into congressional offices to urge the passage of H.J. Res. 44.

✅ We also generated thousands of grassroots phone calls into targeted “swing district” offices on Capitol Hill to urge the passage of H. J. Res. 44.

✅ We produced three coalition letters representing influencers, the industry, and gun dealers — all demanding Speaker McCarthy use the Congressional Review Act to repeal the pistol ban.

✅ We have appeared on dozens of TV, radio and news outlets to warn Americans about the Biden gun ban and call them to action.

✅ We successfully secured a preliminary injunction against the ban for our members as our litigation makes its way through the courts.

The implications of our lawsuit against the ATF extend far beyond pistol-braces.

A decision in favor of the ATF would effectively grant the ATF the ability to bypass Congress to implement new gun control whenever they please.

It wouldn’t be long before they moved to ban so-called “assault rifles” and other common firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans.

If unelected bureaucrats can grant themselves the power to unilaterally ban millions of firearms and deem U.S. citizens felons, America will cease to be a free country.

With Congress so-far refusing to act, our lawsuit against the ATF is a fantastic stop-gap effort to halt this tyranny in its tracks.

Erich, as we argue our case in the coming weeks, I want to ensure that our legal team has every dollar we need to beat the Biden-Harris Administration and the ATF in court.

With the fate of your Second Amendment rights truly hanging in the balance, now is not the time to cut corners or spare any expense.

That’s why GOA urgently needs your support in this battle to defend your liberty from anti-gunners who are hellbent on the complete and total destruction of the Second Amendment.