GOA Pushing Bill to Let Schools Fund Gun Safety, Archery Programs

Two Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to allow schools to fund firearm safety, hunting and archery programs.

GOP lawmakers Rep. Andy Ogles of Tennessee and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced the Educating Responsible Future Hunters Act to amend federal law to programs that teach proper safety and training with a “dangerous weapon.”

“Sen. Paul and Rep. Ogles deserve praise for stepping into the fray, calling out this administration’s ridiculous plan to block funds for hunter safety and other programs, and repealing this statute,” Gun Owners of America (GOA) Director of Federal Affairs Aiden Johnston told Fox News Digital.

“This is just one of so many poor policies that resulted from Senator [John] Cornyn’s ‘compromise’ on gun control that Congress never should have enacted last year,” he continued.

“Biden’s war on hunters and recreational shooters has been elevated to unprecedented heights by blocking these funds that have supported firearm safety programs in American schools for nearly six decades,” Mark Jones of GOA’s Second Amendment Hunters told Fox News Digital.

“We fully support the Educating Responsible Future Hunters Act to stop Biden’s attack and restore these important programs that provide untold benefits to millions of school children each year,” Jones continued.

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