GOA Proudly Endorses GunTuber Brandon Herrera For Congress

Brandon Hererra Is the Gun Owners’ Choice

Don’t you prefer someone to represent you in Congress that will defend your God-given Second Amendment rights unapologetically and that will fight for your true values?

Wouldn’t you prefer someone that sides with the party that stands for the Second Amendment instead of a RINO that sides with the anti-gun left and Joe Biden?

Well, you have the chance to do just that! On May 28th the Texas 23rd Congressional District Primary will head to a runoff election to unseat RINO anti-gun Tony Gonzales.

That’s why Gun Owners of America’s Political Victory Fund is proud to support Brandon Herrera in his bid to retire Gonzales.

Please click here and support Brandon Herrera for Congress

And I hope you will go here right now and chip in just $35, or whatever you feel you can afford right now, to help Brandon Herrera become a pro-gun fighter in the House of Representatives.

Brandon Herrera is the man for the job. He understands that the founding fathers created the Second Amendment to fight against a tyrannical government and they understood that we have a God-given right to self-defense.

In fact, Brandon Herrera has been a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment for YEARS and never expected to have to run for political office. But after realizing that Tony Gonzales was a RINO SQUISH, he decided it was his civic duty to challenge him after helping to pass “red flag” gun confiscation legislation and Senator Cornyn’s gun control package that helped the ATF launch its latest assault on gun owners and the Second Amendment.

Tony Gonzales betrayed his oath of office when he decided to vote for gun control in the summer of 2022 with the faulty named “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” or should we say, “Bipartisan Gun Control Act.”

Brandon Herrera understands that the Second Amendment is the key to keeping a government that could become tyrannical against its people in check.

The time is now to retire this RINO Tony Gonzales that DOES NOT care about your Second Amendment rights. Why should he? He’s more than happy to sell out to the anti-gun left, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden who has made it his mission to ban assault weapons, pistol braces, regulate frames and receivers, and pass red flag laws.

Whenever Tony Gonzales thinks he can get away with voting for gun control, he does it and he will do it again.

But Brandon cannot do this alone. We need to stand up for him because he is standing up for us. That is why I hope you go here right now and chip in just $35, or whatever you feel you can afford right now, to help Brandon Herrerakick out anti-gun Tony Gonzales.

Do you think that Tony Gonzales cares for our veterans and service members? As a matter of fact, he does not. He cannot care for those who sacrifice so much because he voted for the creation of a “Military Court Gun Confiscation Order,” also known as “Military Red Flag Laws” even when GOA warned him not to. He could not even defend the Constitutional rights of those who defend ours!

Brandon Herrera is our guy. He is the Gun Owners’ choice. He understands that you cannot give the anti-gun left even an inch because they will absolutely run away and try to ban and violate the Second Amendment as much as possible.

Electing Brandon Herrera to the House of Representatives is a vote for the Second Amendment.

Electing Brandon Herrera to the House of Representatives is a vote against the anti-gun left, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the swamp.

Brandon Herrera will NEVER COMPROMISE on the Second Amendment and he will fight to free the Second Amendment from the tyrannical anti-gun left and its accolades that wish to see the Second Amendment repealed.

P.S. With all the seats in the House of Representatives up for re-election this fall, we cannot afford to let this seat fall back into anti-gun Tony Gonzales, Brandon Herrerahas proven that he will stand up for your God-given right to self-defense.

Washington liberals and the swamp are out to make sure that Brandon Herrera does not win this primary because they know he will not play the game. They know that they will lose a vote for gun control.

Brandon Herrera will fight for you from day 1, but we need to help him. Please go here right now and chip in just $35 or more to Brandon Herrera for Congress.