GOA Staff in Action

Erich Pratt (Left) gives new shooter a copy of Firing Back.

Katie Gardner (left), who is GOA’s Empowered2A coordinator in Michigan, is pictured here with several excited firearms trainees.

Empowered 2A swag and flyers for future events.

Jennifer Lewis (Left) speaks with ladies.

GOA Team gives ladies water as they finish their range time.

Below, Jordan Stein, Southeast Regional Director of GOA, Stephen Willeford, Grassroots and Industry Liaison, and Jennifer Lewis, Event Coordinator are pictured at a church event in Virginia.

Stephen Willeford, GOA’s Grassroots and Industry Liaison speaking at a church event in Virginia.

Jordan Stein, Southeast Regional Director, speaking at a church event in Virginia.

Jennifer Lewis, Event Coordinator signs up new GOA members at a church event in Virginia.

The crowd view of the church event in Virginia.

Harriet Hageman (U.S. Congresswoman from Wyoming) and Mark Jones (National Director, Hunter Outreach) at a meeting in Buffalo, Wyoming on March 14, 2023. Mrs. Hageman discussed her passion for protecting our Constitutional Rights including the Second Amendment.


Montani Semper Liberi! GOA’s Jordan Stein speaks at WVCDL’s Lobby Day and advocated for pro-gun legislation like campus carry.

Wyoming Director Mark Jones testifies for GOA-supported legislation in Wyoming Legislative Committee Meetings.

Left to right: Jed Carroll, GOA Florida Deputy State Director; Erich Pratt, GOA Senior Vice President; Florida State Representative Webster Barnaby (State Rep and Vice-Chair of the Committee); Luis Valdes, GOA Florida State Director; and Chris Rose, GOA Life Member (GOA defended Chris after he was arrested for picketing Governor DeSantis’s gun free fundraiser)

Left to right: Erich Pratt, GOA Senior Vice President; Florida State Representative Webster Barnaby (State Rep and Vice-Chair of the Committee); Jed Carroll, GOA Florida Deputy State Director; and Luis Valdes, GOA Florida State Director

GOA's Mark Jones standing beside Wyoming Congresswoman Harriet Hageman

GOA’s Mark Jones and Wyoming Congresswoman Harriet Hageman discussed fighting back against unconstitutional actions by the Biden Administration

Jennifer handed out 1,000 candy canes with information about GOA’s legislative priorities in NC at Christmas parades in Morehead City, NC and Down East, NC last weekend.

GOA was proud to be at True Shot Arizona Firearm Festival.
True Shot put on an incredible, freedom-filled event.

GOA’s Pacific Director, Monte Bowen and Kelly Copper candidate US Congress in District 4 at True Shot 2022.

GOA’s booth at True Shot stayed busy.

Jordan Stein and Phil Reboli were interviewed by Guns Out TV.

Stephen Willeford, “Barefoot Defender” was spreading the word about GOA.

Jordan Stein and Megan Browning door knock for the GOA-endorsed Ted Budd and Bo Hines.

GOA National Director of Women’s Outreach, Antonia Cover, with proud student at Legally Armed In Detroit event. GOA sponsors each year.

(Left to Right: Jennifer Lewis, Jo Staats, Courtney Parker, Antonia Cover, and Erich Pratt) GOA at the Legally Armed in Detroit event with Rick Ector. Over 1000 women learn how to shoot at this event every year.

Mark Jones (left) speaks with a GOA-endorsed candidate for the Wyoming House of Representatives at a GOA-sponsored event attended by over 30 current and future Wyoming Legislative Members.

A volunteer, Ken Stein, is ready to represent GOA at Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show.

GOA’s Stephen Willeford (left), Jordan Stein (right middle), and Michael Csencsits (right) pose with ret. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (left middle) at the Faith Based Security Network’s Security Operations Summit in Springfield, MO. Grossman is an accomplished author and researcher on mass killers and violence in America, and he champions a pro-gun message.