Concealed Carrier Attacks, Overwhelms Home Invasion Crew In Texas

Concealed Carrier Attacks, Overwhelms Home Invasion Crew In Texas

I’ve heard of the “one riot, one Ranger” lore in Texas, but there are apparently some “regular Joe” Texans who are cut from the same cloth.

A man in Harris County who was out for a late night walk saw that his neighbor was under attack by a home invasion crew of 4-8 men, pulled his concealed weapon, and went right after them.

 A neighbor shot and killed a suspect during an attempted home invasion late Saturday night in north Harris County.

Neighbors say just after 10 p.m. Saturday, four to eight men in two cars parked on the side of the street near Auronia Drive and Park Talon Drive. They say the men got out of the cars and forced their way into one of the homes.

A neighbor who was walking on the sidewalk witnessed the incident, pulled his gun and confronted the suspects before shooting one of them. The suspect tried shooting back but missed the neighbor. The suspect died at the scene.

Neighbors believe the suspect who died was driving a stolen white car. The other suspects jumped into an SUV and left the scene.

One man was at home during the incident and was not injured.

It is generally a very bad idea to bring a handgun to a gunfight, especially when you’re volunteering to wade into battle outnumbered 4-8-to-1,  but this gentleman clearly had audacity and the element of surprise on his side, and it appears to have made all the difference.

We hope that the dead perp’s accomplices are all tracked down through the suspect’s known associates, and are all charged with his death as they should be under the felony murder rule.

We’d also like to see this citizen recognized with a commendation for going well above and beyond what we would or should expect from anyone in going after a much larger armed group with ill intent.

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