New Mother Feeding Baby Pulls Gun, Fights Off Home Invaders

New Mother Feeding Baby Pulls Gun, Fights Off Home Invaders

On the surface, 21-year-old Semantha Bunce doesn’t appear to be much different than any other new mom, but when home invaders kicked in her door as she fed her four-month-old son, she showed the soul of a warrior as she took the fight to those who dared to put her family in danger.

Bunce met the home invaders head-on in a gun battle, driving them from her home. Even though she took two hits in the exchange of gunfire, she managed to climb back up the stairs and check on her son before she dialed 911 and began taking care of her wounds before the ambulance arrived:

Bunce met the intruders at her bedroom door and when the men opened fire on her in the stairwell area, she fired back, her husband said.

“I think it was a shock to the intruders just as much as it was to her,” said Paul Bunce, her husband.

Paul told Channel 9 his wife is a combat medic with the National Guard. He believes her training allowed her to stay mentally focused and calm during what was a fight for her life.

“They’ve got a long journey,” said one neighbor outside the Bunce family’s home.

Since the shooting, neighbors have embraced the family. Many stopped by the house and offered their thoughts and prayers for a mother who risked it all to protect her own.

Family members said Semantha will need at least one more surgery.

I’m terrified to think of what these violent criminals might have done to this young mother and her child if she had not been able to defend herself or the skills to start treating her injuries.

The young combat medic will likely go back into surgery tomorrow for an abdominal wound suffered in the gunfight.

One of her fellow soldiers has set up a GoFundMe in hopes of helping pay Semantha’s medical bills.

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