GOA Blasts Decision to Turn Donut Shop into Gun-Free Zone

Cops Banned From Donut Shops? Not In Wyoming

A San Francisco bakery chain’s “no guns” policy is so strict they’re not even serving on-duty police officers, a move that has Wyoming bakery workers and law enforcement rolling their eyes.

“We’re fortunate. We’re supported by not only the local citizens, but by all the businesses as well. I don’t know how we’d react (to such a ban). I don’t foresee it happening here,” Campbell County Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds told Cowboy State Daily on Monday.

Gun rights advocate Mark Jones of Buffalo, [Wyoming] said the bakery’s decision to boot cops for carrying guns left him dumbfounded.

“Where to even begin,” said Jones, a spokesman for Gun Owners of America. “That sounds like anti-gun extremism taken to the max.” …

For its part, Reem’s California responded that the company plans to stick to its “no guns” policy.

The company stated in an Instagram post that it is particularly concerned about the safety of minorities and therefore doesn’t want any guns on its property, no matter who is carrying them….

‘Gun Free’ Zones Backfire

However, “gun-free zones” supposedly established for safety have the opposite effect, Jones said.

“You see it with the mass shootings and those sorts of things. Gun control just disarms law-abiding citizens,” he said, adding that Reem’s could end up regretting turning a cold shoulder to cops.

“What are they going to do when a bad guy robs their store? Are they not going to want the police there then?” he said.

Wyoming allows for both open and concealed carry of firearms without a special permit. However, some public institutions and private businesses may still forbid firearms on their premises in Wyoming.

Jones said he understands the principle of leaving things to the discretion of business owners, but he still thinks Reem’s policy goes way overboard by not even allowing armed cops doing their jobs to set foot inside their bakeries.

“I’m not disputing private property rights. I’m just pointing to the fallacy that a gun-free zone doesn’t prevent crimes, it just emboldens criminals,” Jones said.

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