Bill to make Colt Single Action Army Revolver the Official Arizona State Gun needs your help!


Dear Gun Owner,

Because of your efforts the Arizona Legislature has passed SB1610 making the Colt Single Action Army Revolver Arizona’s official state firearm. BUT it is NOT over yet!!!!

SB1610 still needs Governor Brewer’s signature to become law. It is critical that you call, fax, email, or snail mail Governor Brewer a note to politely ask her to sign SB1610. Please call the Governor’s office today at 602-542-4331.

Then email her at

Fax 602-542-1381

Snail Mail:

The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Call and mail today then ask your friends and relatives to do the same. There are vindictive forces who are asking her to VETO SB1610. These people would like to rewrite our state’s history and believe that guns in general are EVIL! Don’t let these revisionists get away with denying us this important symbol of Arizona and her history! Call, email, and write the Governor….TODAY!


For a few weeks now we have been telling you about Arizona SB1610 naming the Colt Single Action Army Revolver Arizona’s state firearm. Your calls and emails have helped move SB1610 through most of the process.

However, for some reason in the final days of the session it seems that the AZ House leadership is stalling further action on SB1610. This is simply unacceptable! There is one person in the legislature who can get SB1610 moving again and that person is House Speaker Kirk Adams. Please call and email Speaker Adams and insist that he hear SB1610 on the next Committee of the Whole Calendar, then on the next 3rd reading calendar..

The legislative session in Arizona will end in just a few days, most likely by April 22nd so your action is needed NOW.

Tell Speaker Adams that you will remember his actions on this bill. When he had the power to deliver, he chose not to.

House Speaker Kirk Adams
[email protected]


Thanks to your continuing efforts Arizona SB1610 the bill making the Colt Single Action Army the state firearm of Arizona moves to the Arizona House Committee of the Whole (COW). We are in the final stretch for this legislative session.  SB1610 must be heard in COW and Final Read before they adjourn for the session, which could be any day now.

Please contact House Speaker Kirk Adams today and politely request that he schedule SB1610 on the next COW and Final Read Calendars

House Speaker Kirk Adams
[email protected]

Then call your own legislators and ask them to support SB1610 with NO amendments in COW.

Find your legislator here.

There is much more at stake than mere symbolism with this bill.  As with the case in Utah where the legislature made the Colt 1911 the state firearm, this bill will continue to acknowledge that firearms have been a vitally important part of American history and freedom.  We cannot allow the truth to be ignored or forgotten.

Sam Paredes
GOA-State & Local


Because of your efforts the bill naming the Colt Single Action Army Revolver as the official firearm of the State of Arizona SB1610 recently passed Arizona’s House Judiciary Committee and is now slated to be heard in the House Rules Committee. There are a few legislators who are asking leadership to “hold” SB1610 because they are worried about how voting on it will “make them look”. House Speaker Kirk Adams is a strong supporter of 2nd Am rights and helped pass Arizona’s Constitutional Carry Law last year, he should move the bill on the very next rules agenda. Please call Speaker Adams and politely request that he move SB1610 on the very next Rules Committee Agenda AND to keep it moving. Then please use the link below to find your own legislator and ask him or her to use their influence to make sure SB1610 keeps moving through the process.

SB1610 is an important recognition not only of the Colt SAA to Arizona history but also the importance of the 2nd Am to the founding of Arizona. Please contact your legislators today.

House Speaker Kirk Adams
[email protected]

To find your House Member click here:


Because of your phone calls and emails Arizona SB1610 making the Colt Single Action Army the official state firearm of Arizona has been assigned to the Arizona House Judiciary Committee. This is a very friendly committee to gun owners with a number of strong 2nd Amendment supporters on it, however we do not want to take anything for granted.

Please contact the members of the committee right away and respectfully request that they vote YES to send SB1610 to the full House for a vote. Help make this important symbol of American firearms history the symbol of Arizona!

The committee meets Thursday March 24 at 8AM so please contact these legislators right away!

Representative Cecil Ash

Representative Eddie Farnsworth

Representative Doris Goodale

Representative Jack Harpe

Representative David Burnell Smith

Representative Ted Voght

Follow-up to Alert on Arizona SB 1610

House Speaker Adams stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam. Even though some folks in the state were suggesting that Republicans should go slow on any new pro-gun measures, Speaker Adams chose to go ahead and assign SB 1610 to the Judiciary Committee, putting the measure on a good track for passage.

Senate Bill 1610, which would name the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the official firearm of the state of Arizona passed the Senate 18 – 12 and was sent to the House.

A note of thanks would surely be in order to the Speaker’s office for his boldness in putting the bill forward.

Arizona House Speaker Kirk Adams – 602-926-5495 email: [email protected]



Senate Bill 1610 which would name the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the official firearm of the state of Arizona which passed the Arizona Senate 18 – 12 was sent to the Arizona House on March 9th and has received no action by the House. There is only one week left for hearings in the Arizona House so there is speculation that the House leadership is trying to “run out the clock” on this legislation. Please do not let them do this!

SB1610 has 43 SPONSORS in the legislature this is almost unheard of on a gun bill, if assigned it will surely pass!

While this bill is not a substantive change to Arizona’s already excellent firearms laws it is a strong symbol of Arizona’s commitment to the 2nd Amendment and should not be allowed to die because of some who just don’t want to vote on a gun bill. This bill also encourages other states to join Arizona and Utah, who recently named the Colt 1911 as their State Gun, to follow their example.

House Speaker Kirk Adams was instrumental in the passage of Arizona’s Constitutional Carry law last session and is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment so please call and or email Speaker Adams and respectfully request that he assign SB1610 to the House Government Committee for action as soon as possible.