An Easy Way to Stop Filibuster Reform

By Brian Darling
Monday, December 6th at 7:30PM EST  

Liberal Democrats are going to take a run at the Filibuster in January. The have adopted idea that the Senate is not a continuing body and that the rules can be changed with a simple majority of Senators voting in a new Congress, in January, to adopt new rules. This interpretation of the Senate rules ignores the clear rules of the Senate and long tradition of rules being changed with only a 2/3rds vote of Senators.

If the Senate goes forward with this perversion of the Senate’s traditions and explicit rules, conservatives need to take advantage of this opportunity to change the Senate rules to create a multitude of points of order against legislation that infringes on the 2nd Amendment, raises taxes and increases spending, in addition to other ideas.

The first idea that should be deployed by conservatives is to force a vote on the below new rule to protect the Second Amendment rights of all Americans:

“Sec. ____. Second Amendment Point of Order.  The Standing Rules of the Senate are amended by adding the following point of order: ‘It shall not be in order for the Senate to consider an Amendment, Bill, Resolution, Motion or Conference Report that infringes on the right of any American to own or use a firearm unless the Senate waives by 2/3rds roll call vote of those sworn to serve the Senate.’”

This new rule would be something that would strike fear in the heart of those who despise the natural right, recognized in the Constitution, of Americans to protect themselves with a firearm. It could be followed with a series of other popular items to establish super majority rules to protect against tax increases and an every expanding federal government.  If conservatives deploy a series of new ideas for Senate rules, a bullying majority of liberals may have second thoughts about changing Senate rules with a simple majority.