GOA Leading National Coalition

Sen. Lott Needs to Hear from You!
— GOA leading national coalition against two gun bans

(Monday, September 23, 1996) — GOA is leading a national coalition of almost 30 groups in opposition to the two gun ban amendments which were added to the Treasury spending bill (H.R. 3756). The groups opposing this legislation cover the gamut, and include single-issue groups that deal with pro-gun, pro-family, law enforcement or women’s issues. Having collected the signatures from representatives of these groups, GOA will soon be sending the letter to House and Senate leaders.

Road Block Gun Ban. As stated in earlier alerts, the two gun bans are tremendous in scope. The Kohl gun ban would limit where law-abiding citizens, even off-duty police officers, can drive with an unloaded firearm. This provision would have the effect of setting up “road blocks” all over town by prohibiting anyone from coming within two blocks of a school with a firearm.

Domestic Confiscation. The Lautenberg amendment has also come under tremendous fire for its various provisions. Pro-gun groups oppose it because it represents a dangerous expansion of the prohibited persons list to include misdemeanor offenders. Pro-family groups oppose it because it would recognize homosexual marriages for purposes of federal law and would threaten to disarm parents who spank their children. Women’s rights groups oppose it because it could even disarm women for a misdemeanor conviction resulting from the throwing of a plate (or as in Hillary’s case, a lamp) at their spouse in self-defense.

It is unclear at this time exactly what vehicle Senators plan to use to get these two amendments to the President’s desk. What is clear is that Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) could exert a powerful sword in killing these gun bans. Sources on Capitol Hill report that Senator Lott could be making an agreement in the next couple of days (known as a Unanimous Consent agreement) that will allow for Senators Kohl and Lautenberg to offer their amendments as riders to an omnibus spending bill. Reportedly, this Unanimous Consent agreement will limit the debate on these amendments (meaning there will be no possibility of a filibuster).

Two weeks ago, your calls and faxes poured into the Senate right before it voted on a provision to study placing taggants in gun powder. Your efforts paid off when the provision was defeated by a vote of 57-42. Your help is needed once again. The Congress should be adjourning in early October. We’ve asked for a lot of action, but please don’t grow weary in doing good. Let your voice be heard now!


* Primary Action: Call Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (1-800-962-3524 or 202-224-6253) and urge him not to make any “Unanimous Consent” agreements that would allow for Sens. Kohl and Lautenberg to offer their anti-gun amendments. Urge him to do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER to keep these two amendments from getting to the President’s desk. Don’t accept any excuses from his office. After all, he is the MAJORITY LEADER! (Note: While a fax can be helpful — fax # is 224-2262 — it is very important that you call Sen. Lott.)

* Secondary Action: Call House Speaker Newt Gingrich (ph: 202-225-4501; fax: 225-4656 or 7733) and ask him to do everything in his power to make sure these amendments never see the light of day and that they never get to the President’s desk. (Again, calls are greatly needed.)

* Don’t neglect your own Senators and Representatives (1-800-962-3524 or 1-800-972-3524). They need to hear from you on these two provisions. And remember, it ONLY TAKES ONE SENATOR to kill a “Unanimous Consent” agreement. If Senators Bob Smith (R-NH), Larry Craig (R-ID) or Jesse Helms (R-NH) — to name just a few — would object to any Unanimous Consent agreement that allows for a Kohl or Lautenberg amendment, it could kill these provisions.