Please Call Your Texas Rep. in Support of Reciprocity and Constitutional Carry

URGENT:  Tell Your Rep. the Second Amendment is Your Concealed Carry Permit


If your Representative is listed below, please urge him or her to cosponsor HR 923 — the Constitutional reciprocity bill that will protect your right to carry out-of-state without forcing people to get permits.

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Urge Your Representative to Cosponsor HR 923

There are 15 Republican Representatives from Texas who have NOT cosponsored the BEST concealed carry bill in Congress. 

HR 923 will protect your right to carry concealed firearms out-of-state, without forcing people to first get a permit. 

This is important because 11 states already have Constitutional Concealed Carry — and legislation has been introduced in Austin to make Texas the 12th State.

Constitutional Carry is what the Founders intended.  The Second Amendment says the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

Well, Constitutional Carry enables law-abiding citizens to carry without getting a permit or without being registered like sex offenders.

And Texas has already had permitless carry legislation introduced.  

This is why it’s important for Representatives to get it right when it comes to reciprocity legislation — something they have authority to do because of Sec. 5 in the 14th Amendment.

So far, there are a total of ten Republican Representatives from Texas who have cosponsored HR 923.

Sadly, all the other Republican Representatives from Texas — the ones listed below — have refused to consponsor the PRO-GUN Constitutional reciprocity bill (HR 923).  They are:

1 Gohmert, Louie         202-225-3035

3 Johnson, Sam           202-225-4201

4 Ratcliffe, John           202-225-6673

6 Barton, Joe               202-225-2002

7 Culberson, John         202-225-2571

8 Brady, Kevin              202-225-4901

10 McCaul, Michael T.    202-225-2401  

11 Conaway, K. Michael  202-225-3605

12 Granger, Kay            202-225-5071

13 Thornberry, Mac       202-225-3706

17 Flores, Bill               202-225-6105

21 Smith, Lamar           202-225-4236

22 Olson, Pete             202-225-5951

23 Hurd, Will               202-225-4511

26 Burgess, Michael      202-225-7772  

Please call these Reps. today and urge them to cosponsor HR 923!  

Click here if you’re not sure who your Representative is.

Some of the Representatives listed above may try to tell you they have cosponsored other reciprocity bills, but these other bills do not protect Constitutional Carry.  And, they force gun owners to first get registered before they can exercise a God-given right that is protected by the Second Amendment. 

Again, HR 923 does NOT require a concealed carry permit for citizens living in Constitutional Carry states.  Permitless carry is sweeping the nation — and may soon come to Texas.

Given that this will happen in the future, let’s make sure that HR 923 is law, so that all law-abiding citizens in the Lone Star State will be able to carry out-of-state without infringements!

Please call your Representative and urge him or her to cosponsor HR 923.