AL: Stop Gun Control in the Alabama House of Representatives

Stop Gun Control Bills in the Yellowhammer State

Dear friend,

Even in the proudly pro-gun state of Alabama, there is legislation on the move that is dangerous to your right to keep and bear arms.

First, HB 301 greatly enhances firearms penalties, and these penalties could be used to target gun owners.

Next, HB 234 is a “trap” for gun owners. Notably, it redefines a “trigger activator” as a part that turns a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic firearm (such parts are already illegal under federal law). If such a person acquires a firearm with such a “trigger activator” (without the buyer even realizing it), then they could essentially be in possession of an “illegal” machine gun.

Gun owners should not live in fear if their gun is illegal, especially considering how often the federal government whimsically changes the definition of a machine gun.

Of course, the federal government is errant in its regulation of machine guns. However, Alabama does not need to duplicate federal law to make such an act “double illegal.”

Lastly, HB 28 would remove the exemption for citizens with carry permits to carry on school property. Sadly, the gun-free zone shown in the Covenant School shooting demonstrates why this bill should be opposed.

To date, there has never been an active shooter at any school in this country where teachers and staff can legally carry firearms. So we need more good people with guns at schools, not fewer.

Please take action here to help preserve your right to keep and bear arms in Alabama.


Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America