1997 GOA Advances On Several Legislative Fronts

Gun Owners’ End of the Year Report

Your involvement helped to impact legislation in Congress and the states. Here’s what people are saying about GOA and its members…

“I appreciate the hard work Gun Owners of America and its members have put into pushing my bill to repeal the Lautenberg gun ban, H.R. 1009. Your strong support has helped H.R. 1009 get more cosponsors than any other bill dealing with this pernicious law. Thank you again for the tremendous work your organization has put into fighting for our Second Amendment rights”.
— Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID)
“If it were not for Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America, I shudder to think where our gun rights would be today. It is Gun Owners’ members, showering the Congress with faxes, postcards and telegrams who ensure that your Representative does not forget the promises made during the election season.”
— Pat Buchanan, syndicated columnist and Crossfire talk show host
“Gun Owners of America is the only no compromise gun lobby in Washington. I am grateful to have the friendship of the man who makes GOA the leader in defending America’s precious freedoms.”
— Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)
“Thank you for your mail on Sen. Webster’s [concealed carry bill]. We have had a ton of cards supporting the bill. Please continue to keep the cards, etc. flowing — especially to the committee chairs.”
— North Carolina State Senator Bob Carpenter (R-42)

Partial Highlights of Our Accomplishments Together This Year
— Keep this for reference and show it to your pro-gun friends


* Gun Owners of America alerts gun owners to BLM restrictions on Second Amendment rights.


* GOA provides its members with postcards asking legislators to support a full repeal of the Lautenberg gun ban. In particular, GOA members make a special effort to ask Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID) to take the lead in introducing the FULL repeal.


* Responding to the intense pressure generated after GOA’s BLM alert (Jan.), Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit gives in to gun owners and orders the BLM restrictions pulled.
* GOA works with Rep. Chenoweth in planning the introduction of a full Lautenberg repeal. GOA activists blitz Congress in support of the upcoming Chenoweth bill; as a result, offices get hundreds of calls asking them to cosponsor the bill — before it’s even introduced.
* GOA asks grassroots to contact Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) and dispute his assertion in USA Today (3/6/97) that the Lautenberg gun ban is “important and worthwhile legislation.”


*Gun owners win big in Georgia, as GOA and CSG (Citizens for Safe Government) team up to prevent federal gun police (BATF) from getting expanded jurisdiction in the state.


* Pressure from GOA members and activists finally puts the Chenoweth bill (H.R. 1009) over the top — that is, H.R. 1009 now has more cosponsors than any other Lautenberg repeal.
* GOA members begin a postcard campaign against Sen. Hatch’s anti-gun crime bill (S. 10).


* GOA contacts Senate offices with the specific details in S. 10, showing how it compromises gun owners’ rights. Several offices respond by telling GOA they can not support the bill as drafted. Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) pulls his name as cosponsor of the bill.
* GOA posts the names of Reps. who vote against getting us out of the anti-gun U.N.


* Gun Owners hosts the Women’s Gun Rights Day on Capitol Hill. GOA organizes about a dozen groups for an anti-Lautenberg press conference. Gun Owners Foundation organizes a well-attended luncheon for Reps. and their staffs, and educates them on gun rights issues.

August — September

* GOA posts town hall meetings for activists to lobby their Reps. on gun related issues. GOA also helps activists blitz Congress by providing pre-printed postcards to distribute.


* GOA activists turn up the heat to defeat the anti-gun “Incumbent Protection Bill,” which would squelch the ability of groups (like GOA) to report on legislators’ records. One senator receives so many calls from GOA members that his office phones GOA to plead that we “call off the dogs.” Not surprisingly, that senator switched his vote to the pro-gun position the very next day.


* Gun owners win big in Washington state as I-676 is defeated. And nationwide, GOA continues its lobby campaign against S. 10, resulting in one more cosponsor removing his name.

Help us Continue the Fight Next Year!

There is no doubt that your faxes and e-mails are having an impact on legislation. One letter by itself might go unnoticed in a Congressional office. But when that one fax or e-mail is joined by hundreds of other communications, legislators have to take notice.

Over the years, making politicians “feel the heat” has become the foundation upon which Gun Owners of America has built its successful lobbying organization. Making politicians “feel the heat” has allowed GOA to bring about positive legislative changes and still maintain a “no compromise” defense of the Second Amendment.

We want to rally as many gun owners as we can next year around good bills like the Citizen’s Self-Defense Act (H.R. 27); the full Lautenberg repeal (H.R. 1009); getting the U.S. out of the anti-gun U.N. (H.R. 1146); the Brady and Semi-auto ban repeal (H.R. 2721); and the good National Reciprocity bill (H.R. 2722) introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).

In 1998, with your help, we will use these pro-gun bills to hammer away at the anti-gun lobby and to expose those Representatives who claim to be pro-gun but are just posturing to get the pro-gun vote. At the same time, we want to keep pounding away at horrible bills like S. 10 (Sen. Hatch’s anti-gun crime bill) and the “Incumbent Protection Bills” that would prevent GOA from making politicians “feel the heat.”

If You’re not yet a GOA Member, is it Time You Became One?

The ability of GOA to continue putting pressure on politicians depends on loyal activists like yourself. But there are other reasons to consider joining GOA if you have not done so already. From time to time, some folks wonder why we don’t talk about particular news items in our fax and e-mails. The answer is, we do talk about newsworthy items, but we do so in our newsletter. If you’re not getting The Gun Owners newsletter, then you’re not getting all the news.

GOA’s fax and e-mail service is dedicated (except in very rare circumstances) to giving you ONLY those items that are action oriented. There may be stories out there that are very interesting, and chances are, you can read about it in our newsletter. But in our 1996 End of the Year “GOA Survey,” our grassroots activists (like you) said that you wanted us to continue the same Fax/Email format, and resist using the fax and e-mail as a newsletter.

Thus, GOA will remain committed in 1998 to providing you ACTION news on a timely basis.

BUT, if you would like to keep up on other issues; if you would like to get our special Fact Sheets which are only provided to GOA members; if you would like to receive our very informative newsletter and get pre-printed postcards that enable you to easily lobby your own Congressmen — even to the point of becoming an “arm chair lobbyist” while watching T.V. commercials — then please become a member of GOA today!

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