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— GOA and GOA-PVF Endorse John Koster

— GOA and GOA-PVF Endorse John Koster

John Koster earned an “A” rating from Gun Owners of America in Washington’s Second District for his strong support of the right to keep and bear arms, and for his commitment to oppose the anti-gun agenda of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allies in Congress.

John’s opponent, incumbent Rep. Rick Larsen, is “F” rated by GOA.  As shown by his voting record, Larsen is an elitist politician who does not trust the people with their Second Amendment rights. 

He voted three times in 2009 to keep a gun ban in place in national parks.  He also voted against a bill to repeal the unconstitutional gun ban in Washington, D.C.

Larsen also helped to pass ObamaCare, despite concerns of gun owners that there were not adequate protections in the bill to keep the government from using a medical records database to disarm law-abiding Americans without the benefit of a trial.

And Larsen voted for the so-called DISCLOSE Act, which puts a stranglehold on the ability of groups like GOA to criticize elected officials in the months leading up to an election.

Any politician who does not trust the people with their precious liberties should not be entrusted to hold elected office.

John Koster respects the Constitution, and he understands that the Second Amendment is not just about hunting, but is a vital safeguard of liberty.

GOA urges all gun owners and sportsmen in Washington’s Second Congressional District to vote for John Koster.  

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Tim Macy

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