House Getting Ready To “Roll Over And Play Dead”

House Getting Ready to “Roll Over and Play Dead”
— Ask your Representative to insist on H.R. 800, rather than S. 397

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is considering legislation to protect the gun industry from predatory lawsuits. What has not yet been determined, however, is which bill (House or Senate) will be voted on.

You will remember that when the Senate passed S. 397 in July, it included two anti-gun amendments. But the House bill, H.R. 800, is free and clear of ANY gun control whatsoever.

S. 397 provides for a troublesome study that could result in the BATFE concluding that almost all rifle bullets are armor piercing. Also, S. 397 requires the sale of trigger locks — whether you want one or not — with all new guns.

The trigger lock measure is guaranteed to get worse in the near future. Sen. Barbara Boxer, who has promoted this bad idea, is just waiting for sales of gun locks to be required so she can come back for more — namely, requiring you to use those locks and, thus, forcing you to “lock up your safety.”

Do you think Congress would never do that? Did anyone think that requiring seat belts to be in cars would result in laws penalizing those who drive without them?

The anti-gunners are playing chess with us, and they are always looking several moves ahead. That is why it is imperative that we act today!


Gun Confiscations in New Orleans

GOA has received reports that the confiscation of legally-owned firearms has commenced in New Orleans.  In addition to denouncing this in the press, GOA will also be looking to draft legislation at both the state and federal level to preclude authorities from imposing ANY firearms restrictions during emergency response activities.

This is expected to be a lengthy and arduous process.  If you haven’t joined GOA yet, please consider going to and doing so to help in this endeavor.