A Good Week In The House

A Good Week In The House
— Emergency Protection passes, and Brady Enhancement stalls

Friday, July 28, 2006

On Tuesday, GOA-supported legislation passed the House of Representatives by a whopping 322-99 vote. The bill — introduced by Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) — is similar to the Vitter amendment which passed the Senate earlier this month.

GOA has kept its members abreast of Jindal’s important bill (HR 5013), as it would legislatively block federal agents from confiscating firearms during an emergency. Jindal’s language would even give aggrieved gun owners a cause of action in federal court to recover their firearms and would recompense victorious plaintiffs for their attorney’s fees.

Both the House and Senate have passed Emergency Protection language, albeit in different forms. So GOA will keep you updated on progress related to this important legislation.

You can go to http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2006/roll401.xml to see how your Representative voted on the Jindal bill.

In other news, the House Judiciary Committee was supposed to consider McCarthy’s Brady Enhancement legislation, H.R. 1415, this past Wednesday. This bill will spend millions of dollars to further prop up the unconstitutional Brady Law and would allow the federal government to troll through state misdemeanor, diversion, psychiatric, tax, and even library records — all for the purpose of finding new reasons to seize guns from law-abiding Americans.

Thankfully, there are some Representatives who are getting your message of opposition loud and clear. A few Republicans on the committee are ready to vote against the bill, but we don’t know yet if it will be enough to kill it in committee.

While the bill is not scheduled to come up until September, GOA asks you to keep an eye out for future alerts on this subject throughout the summer. We will be asking many of you to contact your Representative in the district — when he or she is home during the August recess.

Your response in opposition to the McCarthy bill is important because GOA is the only national pro-gun group opposing the bill in Congress.

So please stay tuned. Thank you.


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