Immigration Bill Could Outlaw Gun Shops

Immigration Bill Could Outlaw Gun Shops

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First, there was the McCarthy-Dingell bill. The folks on Capitol Hill have been telling you we need HR 297, a bill to greatly expand the Brady Law. They say it will stop future Virginia Tech shootings. And, oh yes, there’s one more thing: they want you to believe the McCarthy-Dingell gun control bill isn’t really gun control. Now, they want to bring you an anti-gun immigration amnesty bill. Already you’re hearing it’s not really an amnesty bill. (Yeah, right.) So don’t be surprised if they tell you it’s not an anti-gun bill either.

Forget, for a moment, the fact that the immigration package negotiated in the Senate could grant amnesty to up to a hundred million illegal aliens who have flaunted our laws.

Forget, for a moment, that it would pull the rug out from under the growing number of states that have vetoed the anti-gun National ID bill passed by Congress in 2005.

Forget, for a moment, that the bill will strengthen existing laws by requiring all legal Americans (like you) to own a National ID card before you can get a job.

In addition to all these things, the bill could, in the hands of an anti-gun administration, result in the closing of every major gun store in America.


Senator Ted Kennedy and the anti-gun zealots who wrote the bill just couldn’t resist the temptation to get their hands on our guns. They have included language that GOA has been able to defeat in the past.

When Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) introduced these anti-gun provisions in 1998, the GOA grassroots were able to convince seven senator cosponsors to pull their names from Hatch’s bill.

At the time, The Hill newspaper credited GOA with having “generated a significant number of postcards” into Senate offices. “The defecting [seven] senators, echoing the concerns of the GOA, are apprehensive about the violation of Second Amendment rights,” reported The Hill.

The current language in the amnesty bill is only slightly different from Hatch’s original language almost 10 years ago, but it would essentially do the same thing — threaten every gun store in America.

In Section 205, for example, all it takes for the employees of a gun shop (of five or more persons) to become a “criminal gang” is:

* For them to commit two or more violations of ANY federal felony gun offense — which includes virtually all gun offenses, including paperwork violations; and

* For the anti-gunners to find that violating gun laws was a “primary purpose” of the group.

So let’s say your local gun store sells two or three firearms to Mayor Bloomberg’s thuggish agents under New York City’s extraterritorial “sting” operations. Your gun shop is now a “criminal gang.”

This provision could even be used against a family of five who drives by two schools on the way to a movie with a gun in the glove compartment. Certainly under a Hillary administration, it would not be surprising to see them treat this infraction as a “felony” under the weird language of Gun Free School Zones Act. Thus, you and your family would become a “criminal gang.”


There is still no official immigration bill — that is, the working draft does not have an official senate number. The draft was concocted by senators who put it together behind closed doors, all the while bypassing the normal committee process.

While this unofficial draft has been “the buzz” around the country this past week, several things have been overlooked. One thing, to be sure, is the threat to gun owners’ rights mentioned above. But also ignored is the fact that the negotiating draft imposes draconian penalties for those who live in states that have the audacity to veto the National ID card (which passed as part of the REAL ID Act of 2005).

If you live in a state such as Montana, Maine, Idaho, etc. which has passed legislation opposing the government’s efforts to turn your driver’s license into a National ID card, YOU COULD BE DENIED EMPLOYMENT OF ANY SORT.

Gun Owners was already concerned about this law — which has yet to be implemented — because of the threat it poses to gun owners’ privacy. But now the immigration bill will go even further by requiring all present and future private sector employees to be screened by the Electronic Employee Verification System (EEVS).

And in Section 1(a)(4)(i) of the draft legislation, the bill allows for EEVS approval of your continued employment only if your private employer meets “strict standards for identification documents that must be presented in the hiring process, including the use of secure documentation that contains a photograph, biometrics and/or complies with the requirements [of the] REAL ID Act….”

Hence, no National ID card… no job.


TVC Motor Clubs Are A Pro-gun Alternative To AAA

GOA endorses this motor club as an alternative to AAA — which supports the equivalent of no-knock entry for motorists. That is, AAA supports what are called primary seat belt laws which enable motorists to be pulled over for that alone. This only increases the risk of an officer asking about guns and doing an illegal search. TVC does not support such legislation.

Executive Director Larry Pratt has been pleased with their service. See for details.