Cosponsor Numbers Increasing

More Reps. Jumping on the Bandwagon
— Hotline updated with new Western Union message

Good work on pushing the Citizen’s Self-Defense Act. Dozens of you sent Western Union mailgrams to your Representatives asking them to cosponsor HR 27, the Citizen’s Self Defense Act. Eleven new cosponsors have now jumped on board, bringing the total to 52. This bill has more cosponsors than any other pro-gun bill in the Congress. The bill is important as it would protect anyone who uses a gun in self-defense, even if the gun used was carried without a permit or possessed without a license. (Certainly, Bernie Goetz could have benefited from this bill becoming law.)

Thanks to your help, Chenoweth’s bill becomes the leading repeal bill. Since our last alert, six more cosponsors have signed onto Rep. Helen Chenoweth’s bill to repeal the Lautenberg gun ban. Her bill (HR 1009) now has 21 cosponsors, which is four more than the compromise bill introduced by Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA). Rep. Chenoweth’s office has informed GOA that the six new cosponsors are Reps. Jim Bunning (R-KY), John Cooksey (R-LA), Michael Crapo (R-ID), David McIntosh (R-IN), Floyd Spence (R-SC) and J.C. Watts (R-OK).