05/97 Am. Spectator Article Belittling

American Spectator Belittles Link Between Gun Control and Genocide

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May 1, 1997

The usually fair-minded magazine, American Spectator, published an article with a nasty shot at firearms freedoms. This is explained in the sample letter below. Please contact them right away with something based on the sample. If you are a subscriber, you should state that explicitly.

The magazine’s fax is 703-243-9582; [email protected] is their e-mail adrress.

Mr. R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
The American Spectator
2020 North 14th Street #750
Arlington, VA 22201

Dear Mr. Tyrrell:

Usually I find your articles to be stimulating and based on fact. After reading David Brock’s article, “Wayne’s World” in the May, 1997 issue, it would appear that some facts were not researched at all.

Specifically. Mr. Brock mentioned “deluded conspiracy-mongering” in reference to the known ties of the 1968 Gun Control Act to Nazi laws. This relationship was researched extensively by the Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership and compiled into their book, “Gateway to Tyranny.” They showed the 1938 Nazi gun laws in both the original German and the translation into English. They then compared that to the wording in the 1968 Gun Control Act. The wording was virtually the same, leading anyone to rightfully conclude that the 1968 law has its roots in Nazi Germany. Further, the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Thomas Dodd, had had the Nazi law translated from the German, and then introduced the 1968 U.S. law a few weeks later.

Perhaps the real “deluded conspiracy-mongering” is on Mr. Brock’s part if he cannot perform enough historical research to form an opinion based on fact about subjects of which he is ignorant. And, as JPFO has shown, there is a pattern of gun control: telling the government where the guns are is followed by civilian disarmament which is then followed by genocide. This pattern has been repeated several times in this century in countries all over the globe.

Please leave the calls for civilian disarmament to Time and Newsweek.