Massive Gun Ban Introduced In Congress

Far-reaching Gun Ban Would Cripple The Second Amendment
— McCarthy’s bill to outlaw millions of guns

The Democrats are back in power and their anti-gun wing is trying to make up for lost time as far as gun control legislation is concerned. There are a number of bills that have been introduced already, but GOA will be there to meet every challenge.

Right now, we need your help in beating back a reintroduction of the so-called “assault weapons ban,” the infamous bill that outlawed many types of firearms based primarily on cosmetics, misinformation and scare tactics.

The bill is HR 1022, and last month it was introduced by the Queen of Gun Control, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). Its 30 cosponsors comprise a list of the usual anti-gun suspects — so we need to make sure that no pro-gun congressmen are duped into signing their names onto this anti-gun piece of trash.

McCarthy entitled her bill the Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007, knowing these firearms aren’t “assault weapons” and knowing the bill she is reintroducing does nothing to prevent violent crime — since the guns in question have seldom been used in crime.

McCarthy’s bill would reinstate all of the now defunct provisions related to semi-automatic firearms and large capacity magazines. The manufacture and/or importation of many firearms would be prohibited. This would be paired with a strong ban on the possession or transfer of detachable magazines having moderate or larger capacities.

Truth be told, HR 1022 is the old ban on steroids. Fourteen more guns are listed by name than in the ’94 ban, and only one “dangerous” feature, such as a pistol grip, is needed to make a “nice” gun into a “bad” gun. The old ban required two “dangerous” features, such as a pistol grip and a folding stock. This distinction effectively expands the scope of the bill to ban a far broader variety of firearms.

Since the U.S. Department of Justice has already documented that the previous “assault weapons” ban did absolutely nothing to stop violent crime, it is clear that HR 1022 is simply a direct attack on the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners.

More than 10 years ago, the anti-gun lobby and their friends in the media began waging a campaign to frighten people and convince them that the so-called “assault weapons” are rapid fire machine guns when, in reality, they are merely semi-automatic firearms that look different than traditional hunting rifles.

This bill is designed to cripple the firearms industry while infringing on the rights of all gun owners. It is proof positive that the rabid, anti-gun members of Congress really don’t care about stopping crime or saving lives — they just want to take our guns away.

What are the odds of this bill getting through the Congress? Who knows? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just gave Rep. Jefferson a seat on the Homeland Security Panel. Jefferson was the guy who had $90,000 dollars of bribe money stuffed into his freezer.

If the liberals now in control of the Democrat Party feel they are strong enough to get away with that kind of outrage, they may feel they can get away with passing a gun ban that does nothing but punish law-abiding gun owners.

We must take seriously every anti-gun bill introduced in this Congress. But, at the same time, this bill is an opportunity to beat up those members of Congress who hate guns and will stop at nothing to eliminate our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

If we can give them a good thrashing on HR 1022, we may be able to discourage them from bringing forth more bills like this. And that is why we need your help in beating down HR 1022 quickly, and making sure that none of the good guys get suckered into supporting this.