WV: Joe Biden Trying to Bribe Manchin to Get Gun Control Passed

We are in the midst of a HUGE battle to save our Republic.

The gun grabbers want to scrap the Senate filibuster so they can jam through Biden’s agenda to disarm the American people.

And they are trying to buy off Senator Joe Manchin, hoping to get his support for shredding the filibuster.

Unfortunately, recent news seems to indicate these bribery attempts may be working.

For example, Joe Biden nominated Manchin’s wife, Gayle Manchin, to the Appalachian Regional Commission for a job that pays $163,000 per year.

One article put this well: “Biden Bribes Manchin with $163K Job to Wife.”

More recently, another headline blared: “Dept. of Energy Grants Manchin Donor’s Company $1 Million.”

These “bribes” are all about trying to get Manchin’s support for Democrat policies and for ending the filibuster.

And, sadly, it appears these bribes may be working.

Sen. Manchin recently indicated that he might be open to “reforming” or limiting the use of the Senate filibuster. This would mean that Sen. Schumer would only need to muster 51 votes to pass gun control, instead of getting 61 votes to set aside a filibuster.

A Newsweek headline ominously stated: “Joe Manchin Signals He’s Open to Filibuster Reform, Offering Hope to Democrats.”

Limiting or “reforming” the filibuster would give Democrats the ability to pick off just one or two liberal Republican Senators to slam through their anti-gun, Leftist agenda!

This is why I need you to call Sen. Manchin immediately at 202-224-3954. Tell him NO COMPROMISES on the Senate filibuster!

He needs to hear from his constituents right away.

If he only hears from the Chuck Schumers and the Joe Bidens … and is able to revel in the bribes they offer him … then they’ll be able to buy him off.

Manchin needs to be reminded that he represents YOU and not them!

So please call Senator Manchin at 202-224-3954. Tell him three things:

* Do not end the filibuster

* Do not “reform” the filibuster 

* Leave the filibuster the way it is!

When Democrats were in the minority, they pleaded to leave the filibuster the way it is. (See this video here.)

But now that Democrats hold all the power, they want to throw off any hurdles that would keep them from getting absolute power.

So please email and call Joe Manchin and tell him: “Leave the filibuster alone!”