We need YOU to submit a comment to the ATF

Joe Biden is about to BAN your right to sell a firearm.

His ATF has announced a new rule mandating Universal Registration Checks for ANY gun sale that they determine you “profited” from.

Under the proposed rule, you would need to become a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL) to sell just a single firearm—even to a friend or a family member!

This would mandate a paper trail for virtually every gun sold in America…

…and force YOU to go through layers and layers of ATF bureaucracy to get permission from the government to exercise your 2A rights by selling your own private property.

The rule is now in the public comment phase, so we’re launching a national campaign to flood the ATF with furious comments from outraged gun owners all across the country.

Even if the ATF ignores the backlash and finalizes the rule, our next step will be to file a lawsuit – and in our lawsuit, we’ll reference our members’ comments.

By submitting a comment today, you’ll be helping us on multiple levels.

Please add your name to our prewritten comment to the ATF to help us stop Biden’s Universal Registration Checks rule if you have not already done so.

The ATF’s rule is the textbook definition of tyrannical government overreach.

You cannot effectively exercise your Second Amendment rights if you cannot easily buy and sell firearms.

That’s why the founders specifically stated your right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment.

Requiring gun owners to go through a long, burdensome, and bureaucratic process to acquire a license from the government to sell a firearm is a staggering infringement.

Can you imagine if the government tried to impose these kinds of rules on the rest of your constitutional rights?

The idea of getting a license from the government to exercise your First Amendment right to free speech would be unfathomable to most Americans.

So why does Biden and the anti-gun Left think it’s acceptable to infringe upon your Second Amendment rights?

These power-crazed Left-wing radicals have no regard for the Constitution – and if they get away with SHREDDING the Second Amendment like this, it will set an extremely dangerous precedent.

Without the Second Amendment, there will be nothing to stop them from coming for the rest of your constitutional rights.

No matter what you decide to do, the ATF’s Universal Registration Checks rule ensures that at least one of your constitutional rights will be violated.

Even if you follow the rule and become a federally licensed dealer so you can sell your firearm, you’ll be forced to subject your home to warrantless searches by the ATF…

…along with a ton of other burdensome rules and requirements, including submitting your fingerprints and a photo of yourself to the ATF.

That leaves gun owners who want to sell a gun in an impossible position: Either they surrender their Second Amendment rights, or their Fourth Amendment rights!

And of course, a new ATF gun control rule wouldn’t be complete without a draconian penalty for non-compliance.

If the ATF finds out you sold a single gun and made a “profit,” they can JAIL you for 5 years and FINE you $250,000.

The end game here is pretty straightforward: Biden’s ATF wants to essentially OUTLAW private firearm transactions and force all gun sales to go through federally licensed dealers, where they can be tracked in the ATF’s illegal national gun registry.

Not to mention these licenses can be removed at any time over the smallest of record-keeping errors – something we’ve already seen from the ATF with their “Zero-Tolerance” policy.

Biden and the ATF could then slowly but methodically put FFLs out of business until there’s nowhere left for Americans to buy a gun.

This gross ATF overreach poses an existential threat to your God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Gun owners from every corner of the country must unite to stop Biden from GUTTING the Second Amendment by banning private firearm sales.

So please, add your name to our prewritten comment to the ATF to help us stop Biden’s Universal Registration Checks rule if you have not already done so.