Get the Facts About the Georgia Senate Candidates

Chuck Schumer: "Now we take Georgia, then we change America"

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Georgia’s Senate races are the key to the future of your Second Amendment rights.

Anti-gun Democratic Candidate Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock is challenging pro-gun Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Anti-gun Democratic Candidate Jon Ossoff will vie for the seat of pro-gun Senator David Perdue.

If both Democrats win, these anti-gunners will control the Senate and the House. Using the Presidency, Democrats would be able to wreak havoc on the Second Amendment; and your right to defend yourself will cease to exist as you know it.

As stated by Senator Chuck Schumer: “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.” Our gun rights are definitely under fire.

Just look at where the Senate candidates stand on these vital issues.

Special Senate Runoff Election

Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock (F-)

Democratic Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock refused to answer Gun Owners of America’s federal candidate survey.

Raphael Warnock preaching

But, Raphael Warnock is proud of his record lobbying against the Second Amendment and for gun control. In one speech, he complained that “Georgia has some of the most lax gun laws in the country.”

Raphael Warnock testified in favor of so-called “Gun Free” Zones:

Mother Jones quoted Warnock opposing the broadened carry parameters, saying, “Guns are not allowed in the state Capitol. But they want them in our churches and in our schools. Have you lost your mind.”

Referring to the murder of Alberta Williams King in Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Church, Warnock expressed his disapproval of concealed carry when he said:

The shooting would have been even more tragic “had everyone been packing that day.”

Warnock has also mocked the carrying of firearms for self-defense on other occasions:

Warnock reacted to the changes by saying, “When I say pass the peace, I don’t mean pass the piece.”

He added, “The answer to America’s gun violence isn’t to encourage masses of people to carry guns.”

Back in 2014, Warnock also co-hosted a gun buyback, where he was quoted as opposing widespread gun ownership:

“The fact that there are others outside of this official gun buyback offering to purchase guns speaks to a larger public policy problem that we have here in Georgia,” he said.

There is this sense among some that somehow our community is safer with the proliferation of guns. We reject that notion. We think that it is reckless public policy.”

For his opposition to firearm ownership in his community, support of gun free zones, mockery of Americans who exercise their right to self-defense, and outright lobbying in favor of gun control, Gun Owners of America has given the Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock an “F-.” In Senate elections, this grade is reserved for those who are or will become anti-Second Amendment and gun control leaders.

Senator Kelly Loeffler (GOA Endorsed)

On the other hand, Warnock’s opponent, the pro-gun Senator Kelly Loeffler has been a strong advocate for the Second Amendment.

Senator Kelly Loeffler

Senator Loeffler is a cosponsor of National Carry Reciprocity, which would enable gun owners to carry firearms out-of-state. For gun owners living in free states, this would effectively remove the “gun-free” zone status which prevents them from traveling while armed to states like California or New York.

The Senator also refused to cosponsor Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and so-called “Assault Weapon” bans.

Instead, Senator Loeffler introduced a resolution to oppose infringements on the right to bear arms in anti-gun states.

She also authored the Gun Owners Privacy Act. The GOP Act is designed “to prevent the federal government from maintaining a federal database with background information of those seeking to obtain a firearm.”

Senator Loeffler also recently worked with Gun Owners of America to combat ATF’s October Surprise. In her letter, she wrote:

There appears to be no rationale supporting ATF’s position that the Honey Badger Pistol and related platforms should be subjected to the additional restrictions placed on firearms under the GCA…

Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Sen. Kelly Loeffler based on her proven pro-Second Amendment record.

Senate Runoff Election

Jon Ossoff (F-)

The Anti-Gun Democratic Candidate in the other Senate Runoff, Jon Ossoff, has endorsed the most radical parts of Joe Biden’s gun control agenda.

Ossoff will claim, in the same breath, to support the Second Amendment while simultaneously supporting gun bans and gun confiscation.

Ossoff endorses mandatory gun storage laws on his website:

Firearms possession comes with great responsibilities for safe ownership, storage, and use.

Jon Ossoff on MSNBC

To be clear, Joe Biden’s mandatory gun storage plan would create criminal and civil liability “regardless of whether the minor actually gains possession of the firearm,” exposing gun owners to potential prosecution for non-dangerous and non-violent instances of minors being near firearms. Gun owners intending to protect their families would likely be forced to choose between (1) ignoring lock-up-your-gun laws by maintaining firearms that are readily available for self-defense, or (2) avoiding jail time by locking up their firearms and leaving themselves defenseless against criminals.

Jon Ossoff also supports so-called “red flag” Gun Confiscation Orders:

I support universal criminal history checks for gun purchases, red flag laws to protect family members and domestic partners concerned about the mental health of their loved ones, and closing the gun show loophole.

In an interview with MSNBC, Jon Ossoff endorsed gun licensing for all semiautomatic weapons and a so-called “assault weapons” ban when he said:

I think that for semi-automatic weapons whether they’re rifles or handguns we need strict licensing requirements…. [T]he general public should not be purchasing weapons that are derived from modern military technology absent some specific need and high qualification[,] and I think that assault weapons should not be available to the general public.

He iterates his plan for a Semi-Automatic Weapon Ban and adds in a so-called “High-Capacity” Magazine Ban on his campaign website where he states:

I support a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles (“assault weapons”) and high-capacity magazines to the general public.

Americans who would purchase high-powered weapons derived from modern military technology should be required to demonstrate high qualification and compelling specific needs.

After a citizen proves to be “responsible and qualified,” and demonstrates “compelling specific needs” during the “strict licensing” process, Jon Ossoff claims he won’t “preclude” Americans “from owning firearms for home defense, hunting, marksmanship, collection, or recreation.”

But the statement is misleading, owing partially to the fact that Ossoff refuses to endorse Second Amendment-recognized right to bear arms outside the home. Instead, he believes the concealed carry of firearms will detrimentally increase public anxiety:

As we prepare young people in Georgia for the high-tech economy, they should be able to sit in class without worrying whether the student next to them has a Glock on their hip.

And during his failed run for the U.S. House of Representatives, Ossoff also opposed Campus Carry legislation that would have eliminated an unconstitutional gun-free zone law.

For his support for a semiautomatic weapons ban, support of gun free zones and gun confiscation, “strict licensing” plan, and opposition to the right to bear arms outside the home, Gun Owners of America has given the Jon Ossoff an “F-.” In Senate elections, this grade is reserved for those who are or will become anti-Second Amendment and gun control leaders.

Senator David Perdue (GOA Endorsed)

On the other hand, Jon Ossoff’s pro-gun opponent Sen. David Perdue has a long record of supporting the Second Amendment in the United States Senate.

Recently, Senator Perdue was one of a handful of Senators that voted against the anti-gun Fix NICS legislation, nicknamed the Gun Ban for Veterans and Seniors by GOA, which expanded the broken and failing background check system.

Senator David Perdue

He is a cosponsor of National Carry Reciprocity which, as stated above, would enable gun owners to carry firearms out-of-state and allow gun owners living in free states to effectively bypass the “gun-free” zone status which prevents them from traveling while armed to states like California or New York.

He also refused to cosponsor Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and so-called “Assault Weapon” bans.

Senator Perdue understands what the Second Amendment is about.

I know the Second Amendment is not only about hunting. It is about our right to protect our family, our property, and even our country if necessary.

The differences between these pro-gun Republicans and anti-gun Democrats is stunningly clear.

Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Sen. David Perdue based on his proven pro-Second Amendment record.

Vote for Your Rights!

The Democratic party has endorsed gun bans, gun confiscation, and a host of radically anti-freedom and unconstitutional agenda items—all of which Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock support.

On the other hand, Senator David Perdue and Senator Kelly Loeffler believe in respecting our constitution and our natural right to self-defense.

Gun Owners of America encourages all Georgian gun owners, self-defenders, sportsmen, and law-abiding residents to vote for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the January 5th Senate Runoff Elections.

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