NM: HB 101 Assault Weapon and Magazine Ban!

Assault Rifle and Magazine Ban Being Pushed in the NM House!

Possession of Your Rifle and Standard Capacity Magazines = FELON!

New Mexico Patriots, the fight has never been more important than right now!

The Anti-Gun Left is at it again! New Mexico HB 101 is an overt attack on your Second Amendment rights. Radical Leftist Representatives Andrea Romero and Rep. Linda Serrato are attempting to ban a multitude of rifles and pistols and make possession of any magazine which holds more than 10 rounds a felony. And if you are a felon, that means your gun rights are forfeited in all 50 states!

HB 101 not only criminalizes possession, but also bans the manufacture, sale, transfer, or gifting of any magazine that has a capacity of over 10 rounds, along with hundreds of rifles and pistols. 

Since criminals, by their very nature, ignore the laws, HB 101 is a direct attack on the law-abiding people of New Mexico.

Now is the time to call and email your representatives and tell them to oppose HB 101! Time is of the essence since this bill will be voted on this week. HB 101 must be stopped! Making the law-abiding gun owners of New Mexico felons will not deter crime, nor stop criminals from attacking citizens!