Gun Confiscation is back! — You can help to stop it!

The radical left is not backing down. Anti-gun State Rep. Robert Renny Cushing is pushing HB 246, elder care gun confiscation.  This bill is a rewrite of SB 677, HB 696 and HB 1660 which were pushed — and rejected — over the past few years.  We wrote about them herehere and here.

Despite the denials and protestations from Rep. Cushing and Cheryl Steinberg, of New Hampshire Legal Assistance, HB 246 is very much a gun confiscation bill.

Earlier this week, the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee conducted a public hearing on HB 246 and I testified against it.  I explained that any bill which allows telephonic (no due process) hearings with an indefinite look back in time which don’t follow the rules of evidence, is a gross departure from traditional American jurisprudence.

Even though HB 246 does not specifically authorize gun confiscation, it does not prohibit it either, and that is the rub — a judge can easily issue a telephonic order that will most certainly include gun confiscation.  Under HB 246, the police can arrive at an individual’s door in the middle of the night to the house for firearms and even shoot the person if there was resistance.  This is NOT acceptable and un-American to the core!

The proponents of HB 246 are claiming that they want to protect the elderly and other vulnerable adults from physical abuse and financial exploitation.  They even acknowledged that there are criminal statutes which carry harsh penalties to punish those who abuse these people.  However, their new claim is that it just takes too long for these cases to work through the court system.  They say that HB 246 (which lacks even the most basic due process protections for the accused) is needed so that the people can get immediate protection.  What they really mean is that they need a mechanism to use so that they can remove guns from people’s homes without due process.

The January 26 public hearing was adjourned due to a lack of time.  However, it is scheduled to reconvene on February 8 at 1PM.  Due to the China Virus, House Hearings are being held remotely.  It is easy to listen in or even speak against a bill.  This page, allows the public to view hearings.  Shortly before the hearing, a ZOOM link will be included in the House Calendar that you can use to publicly speak against HB 246.

If you would like to speak against HB 246, please click this link a day or two before the hearing.

We have less than two weeks to contact members of the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee and urge them to vote HB 246, “inexpedient to legislate” — so lets get to work.

Please use the above form to send a message urging the Committee to reject HB 246.