With John Boehner, Betrayal Is Preferable to Fighting

With John Boehner, Betrayal Is Preferable to Fighting

Speaker of the House John Boehner was one of many Republicans campaigning to stop Obama’s agenda, including the anti-gun ObamaCare and the President’s illegal executive amnesty decree.  

But that was before the election.  Now fast forward to the battle over the anti-gun funding bill last week, which saw Speaker Boehner and the President working arm-in-arm to pass it.

When President Obama, who almost never personally whips members of Congress, did just that to pass the massive spending bill, you know it was a big deal.

What a picture.  The voters had just administered a massive spanking to Democrats because of ObamaCare and amnesty; yet, Speaker Boehner was a key player in preserving and funding the President’s two key initiatives designed to “fundamentally transform America,” to use the President’s 2008 campaign pledge.

The Speaker has pledged to fight over amnesty in February, when funding for amnesty implementation must be extended by Congress.  Why February will be a more propitious time for Boehner to fight than in December was not made clear.

Before going farther, let me explain the Second Amendment implications of ObamaCare and amnesty.  ObamaCare opens all medical records to computer snooping by the government.  Should any of a wide range of non-violent psychiatric diagnoses (not convictions in a court of law) be found, they become the basis for denial of the right to keep and bear arms — similar to what’s already happened to more than 175,000 military veterans.

The President’s illegal executive amnesty is an existential threat to the Second Amendment.  Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has explained the danger of this course of action.  The President’s amnesty puts millions of illegal aliens on a fast track for citizenship.  And given the polls which indicate they will vote for anti-Second Amendment Democrats at a rate of 8 to 1, gun control in this country will get a major boost once these illegally minted new voters go to the ballot boxes. 

The President’s amnesty provides for an illegal, virtually immediate bypass of the requirement that an illegal immigrant leave the country for 10 years before their US-born citizen children can sponsor them to return.  All an illegal will have to do now is leave the country for something like a meeting, and then return.  This is all it will take to achieve green card and then citizenship status.  

Members of Congress must hear from their constituents if this explosion of law and the Constitution is to be undone.  

America is at a precipice from which there will be no soon return.  

Larry Pratt is the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, a gun rights lobby representing one million members and activists.