NC: The Republican Caucus Must CENSURE “Traitor Thom” Tillis and “Benedict Burr”

Hold “Traitor Thom” Tillis and “Benedict Burr” Accountable

Dear friend,

We recently warned you of North Carolina’s sell out Senators, “Traitor Thom” Tillis and “Benedict Burr” and their surrender of the Second Amendment to the radical anti-gunners.

North Carolina’s Senators were apart of the “Gang of 20” which schemed up a gun control “framework” which includes “red flag” gun confiscation and treating young adults as if they have second-class rights.

Now, they must be held accountable. Please take action and urge the North Carolina House and Senate Republican Caucus to censure Tillis and Burr for their capitulation.

You may have seen in Texas, when addressing the State Republican Convention, Senator John “Caving” Cornyn was met with loud chants of “no red flags” and was nearly booed off the stage.

Tar Heels need to send that same, loud message to Tillis and Burr, letting them know they will be held accountable for their actions.

So please take action to the North Carolina House and Senate Republican Caucus!

Let Tillis Know Where Gun Owners Stand

Our friends at Grass Roots North Carolina are hosting a peaceful protest this Friday, June 24th from 10 AM to 1 PM outside of Thom Tillis’ Raleigh office (310 New Bern Ave., Raleigh, NC 27601).

Additionally, GOA’s Stephen Willeford, the guardian of Sutherland Springs, will speak at the protest.

Please make plans to attend this event, even if it’s inconvenient. Our rights are depending on it!

Be sure to RSVP by emailing here.

Thank you for all your hard work to restore our rights!

Andy Stevens
North Carolina State Director
Gun Owners of America