NC: Stop North Carolina’s Sell Out Senators

Stop “Traitor Thom” and “Benedict Burr” From Doing the Devil’s Work

Politico is now reporting that Senator “Traitor Thom” Tillis has just agreed to a deal with gun banning Democrats, stabbing in the back the very voters who helped him achieve victory in his most recent reelection.

CNN reports Senator “Benedict Burr” has also signed on to the agreement with enough other Republicans to defeat any filibuster on the measure.

Included in this deal will be the relegation of young, law-abiding adults to second class constitutional status when it come to the purchase and possession of yet undefined categories of firearms.

Also included will be Federal “bribes” to coerce state legislatures to create unconstitutional gun confiscation schemes that will allow anyone with a chip on their shoulder to subject YOU, a lawful gun owner who has committed no offense, to the seizure and confiscation of your firearms and the smearing of your good reputation and character as well.

Democrats have long considered “red flag” gun confiscation orders as the “low-hanging fruit.” Apparently, our very own “Traitor Thom” and “Benedict Burr” are willing to pull down the branch and let them pick it at their pleasure.  If they succeed in passing these infringements, it will build momentum for additional gun control.

Remember, their goal is simple and direct:  Regulation, Registration, and Confiscation!

Send this direct and forceful message to Senator’s Tillis and Burr by email and by calling each of their Washington DC and North Carolina offices:

Use these numbers to call each of Senator Tillis’ offices:

  • (202) 224-6342 Washington, DC
  • (919) 856-4630 Raleigh, NC
  • (704) 509-9087 Charlotte, NC
  • (252) 329-0371 Greenville, NC
  • (828) 693-8750 Hendersonville, NC
  • (336) 885-0685 High Point, NC

Use these numbers to call each of Senator Burr’s offices:

  • (202) 224-3154 Washington, DC
  • (828) 350-2437 Asheville, NC
  • (252) 977-9522 Rocky Mount, NC
  • (910) 251-1058 Wilmington, NC
  • (336) 631-5125 Winston-Salem, NC

I understand this is a big ask, but your rights are literally hanging in the balance. Please take action immediately.