NC: Purchase Permit Repeal Bill heads to the Senate!

As we mentioned just a few weeks ago, North Carolina legislators have been pushing to restore your Second Amendment rights with three pro-gun bills! One of those bills just passed the House!

Last night (May 5th) by a vote of 69-48, the NC House passed HB 398 – Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal – to repeal its 102 year-old, Jim Crow-era pistol purchase permit system. The Bill, introduced by Primary Sponsor Representative Jay Adams, was the result of his collaboration with the NC Sheriffs’ Association, who formally reversed their position of many years and now fully support the repeal of the Pistol Purchase Permit process. In short, the Association believes the current process is duplicative and no longer necessary. With repeal, handgun purchases would be treated exactly the same way as long guns/shotguns are purchased in North Carolina, with a point of sale NICS Instant check conducted by the FFL. A North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit would remain valid as a NICS check bypass.

Volunteers from Gun Owners of America, including GOA Director of Communications Jordan Stein and NC State Director Andy Stevens worked hand in hand with Grass Roots North Carolina ( Legislative Action Team volunteers to distribute fact sheets and talk with Legislators in person throughout the day before the vote. However, as seen by the roll call vote, a Partisan divide exists with the majority of Democrats blindly favoring retention of the flawed current statute.

We at GOA also thank the NC Sheriffs’ Association, the members of the NC House 2nd Amendment Caucus, and all the members listed below who voted for repeal.

The bill now moves on to the NC Senate where passage is presumably assured, the Senate having passed a similar repeal effort years before.

We at GOA are doing all we can to get this bill passed, but we still need YOUR help!

Please use the form above to email your State Senator, urging him or her to support HB 398 to restore Second Amendment rights to all North Carolinians!