RINOs are quietly negotiating with anti-gun Democrats

While the House Judiciary Committee spent yesterday debating how to destroy the Second Amendment, something far more dangerous was taking place off-camera

…Democrats and RINO Senators like Lindsey Graham were putting finishing touches on a bipartisan gun control framework for the 50-50 Senate.

Senate negotiators have ‘framework’ for gun legislation, source says


The Senate framework likely includes the demands Joe Biden made during his gun control speech last night: Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, expanded background registration checks, and raising the purchase age for commonly owned firearms to 21 years old.

While Pelosi’s House majority is sure to pass gun control, the Senate is our only chance at stopping this egregious assault on the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, the Senate is packed with Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and Pat Toomey who love stabbing gun owners in the back.

That’s why GOA needs your urgent help bombarding the 50-50 Senate with letters urging them to VOTE NO on any gun control proceeding from this framework in the Senate.

Please add your name to our pre-written letters to tell YOUR two Senators to vote no on the developing gun control framework in the 50-50 Senate – and to alert your representative in Congress to vote no on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws and the gun control bill deceptively named “Protecting Our Kids Act.”

This isn’t the first time the Senate has introduced bipartisan proposals for gun control.

But thanks to our grassroots supporters like you who took action, GOA successfully shredded those gun control proposals to pieces.

Even The Washington Post recently acknowledged the power of GOA’s grassroots. The Post quoted from a GOA alert which generated phone calls and emails into Senator John Cornyn’s office when he was trying to hammer out a gun control compromise with Democrats last year.

The Post admitted that GOA’s efforts torpedoed the gun control talks, saying thus “died the last significant bipartisan gun talks in the Senate.”

But I’m afraid this time is a bit different…

The emotional warfare being waged by the anti-gun lobby is like nothing we’ve seen for a long, long time. RINO Republicans are now cowering in the corner, already waving the white flag of surrender.

That’s why we need to fight fire with fire. Every RINO Senator needs to understand that while a vote for gun control may win them three seconds of praise from anti-gunners who hate their guts, it will cost them thousands and thousands of votes from their actual gun-owning constituents this November.

But we’ll need YOU to help make that message crystal clear.

So please, take action today → add your name to tell YOUR two Senators to vote no on any gun control proposal – and to urge your representative to vote no on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws and the gun control bill deceptively named “Protecting Our Kids Act.”.