Here’s how you helped GOA dominate the news cycle

GOA Dominates the News Cycle Against Gun Owner Registration

“It’s because of your support for GOA, we’ve become big enough to cause both sides of the debate to respond the way we want the issue framed.” – Phil Reboli, host of GOA’s “Minute Man Moment” on YouTube

Thanks to your support of Gun Owners of America, you are helping GOA to frame the gun rights issue in news stories from coast to coast.

GOA’s Aidan Johnston appeared on several news outlets, including One America News above, to blast the ATF’s new gun control regulation.

As GOA reported to you recently, the Biden administration produced a final rule from the ATF this month which cracks down on homemade guns and expands the ATF’s illegal registry which has nearly a billion records.

Because GOA was prepared and responded immediately, mainstream news outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, PBS, UK Independent, CBS, NPR, the Associated Press—and even Al Jazeera have been deferring to GOA as the top gun rights organization following this issue.

Not only that, GOA’s involvement has helped drive the discussion among both the Left and the Right.

Senior Vice President Erich Pratt’s piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer prompted an anti-gun response from the Chicago Tribune, and a pro-gun response from YouTube channels like Bearing Arms.

The ATF is “effectively changing the law without going through the Congress. This is an illegal overreach of authority,” Erich Pratt, senior vice president for Gun Owners of America, told The Epoch Times.

In addition to helping shape the news, GOA is also working with legislators to smack down President Biden’s unconstitutional rule in Congress. And GOA will soon be launching a simultaneous lawsuit in the courts. So stay tuned for more alerts on these topics.

As for now, please click here to see GOA’s Phil Reboli demonstrate how GOA spokesmen influenced the news cycle on Biden’s recent gun control announcement.

Plus, be sure to watch GOA defending your gun rights recently on the following Talk Shows:

  • GOA’s Aidan Johnston explains on One America News and FISM TV that the new ATF rule has nothing to do with making people safer. Rather, it’s all about tracking and controlling gun owners.
  • And in this Just the News talk show, GOA’s Erich Pratt exposes Biden’s lies on homemade guns, explaining that they are used far less in crime than many common household items. Pratt then explains why President Biden is really pushing this radical, leftist agenda.

State Attorney General Puts Biden on Notice!

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge isn’t putting up with Biden’s anti-gun lawlessness. And she’s not bashful to let people know.

Leslie Rutledge (R-AR)

Rutledge is one of the many state Attorneys General who is supporting the SCOTUS petition brought by Gun Owners of America. 

To that effort, she signed onto an amicus brief with 21 other Attorneys General, challenging the reclassification of a bump stock as a machine gun. See our earlier story here.

But after Joe Biden’s ATF issued illegal directives regulating homemade guns and registering gun owners, Rutledge took the opportunity to put “the Biden administration [on] notice that I will continue to zealously defend our Second Amendment rights.”

Attorney General Rutledge stated in a press release that, “The Biden Administration is on notice that I will continue to zealously defend our Second Amendment rights.”

While she was speaking directly to the ATF’s illegal bump stock ban, the timing of her announcement—posted shortly after Biden’s recent gun regulation was announced—did not go unnoticed.

“As your Attorney General, I will continue to be the last line of defense between you and an overreaching federal government,” Rutledge said.

GOA is very grateful to Rutledge and the other 21 Attorneys General who are challenging the ATF for violating federal law.

Their amicus brief supports the petition that GOA filed in March, thanks to the support of our members. In requesting certiorari review by the Supreme Court of the United States, GOA is challenging the ATF’s 2018 reclassification of bump stocks as “machine guns.”

GOA’s petition argues that the ATF circumvented Congress in their attempt to create new federal law. Its overly broad definition of “machinegun” could be used to ban or regulate other legal firearms—such as homemade guns or pistol-braced firearms. The latter are expected to be banned this summer by the Biden administration.

GOA Legal Team Gets an Assist in Connecticut!

GOA’s Erich Pratt (right) recently appeared with Carl Higbie on Newsmax to discuss Second Amendment.

Good news in Connecticut, where thanks to your support, GOA’s legal team was able to threaten a legal challenge that resulted in a concealed carry victory!

For some time, the Chief of Police in the Town of Greenwich was demanding that applicants for a state pistol permit submit two letters of recommendation in order to apply.

However, this goes way beyond what Connecticut state law requires.

So GOA sent letters to the Greenwich Chief of police and the town attorney, asking them to remove the Chief’s illegal demand for letters of recommendation.

When the Town did and the Chief did not remove the requirement, GOA began preparing to file a lawsuit.  However, shortly before we filed suit, GOA reached out to NewsMax host and GOA supporter Carl Higbie, who lives in the area.

Jumping into action, Carl immediately contacted town officials and sent them GOA’s letter, demanding they take action.  Within days, the requirement for letters of recommendation disappeared from the application!

This means that residents of the Town of Greenwich will no longer be subjected to the illegal demand for letters of recommendation, in order to obtain a pistol permit. GOA is now preparing similar legal challenges in nearby towns.