JM4 Tactical pledges $20,000 to GOA in partnership with their ‘No Compromise’ mission


SPRINGFIELD, VA — Gun Owners of America (GOA) announced today that they have partnered with JM4 Tactical, the industry leader in magnetic retention holsters for concealed carriers based in Texas. JM4 Tactical has pledged $20,000 in effort to fight gun grabbers across the country by helping fund lawsuits, train grassroots activists, and work to protect and expand Second Amendment freedoms. 

Gun Owners of America is the only “No Compromise” gun lobby group who works with like-minded businesses and industries to ensure Second Amendment rights are protected from every level of government. 

“In a time where the Biden Administration is in full attack mode on our Second Amendment Rights, it is reassuring to have JM4 Tactical step up to the plate,” said Kailey Nieman, Director of Development and Marketing for GOA. “Not only are their holsters made in America, but their passion for their product and this country is in a league of its own.” 

“In a society where freedoms are being governed by politicians, we firmly stand with GOA in fighting to protect the Second Amendment rights of all US citizens,” said Chad Myers, Business Owner of JM4 Tactical. 

GOA’s strategic partnership program is a coalition of industry partners who aim to support the defense and restoration of the Second Amendment through the strengthening of grassroots. 

For more information about JM4 Tactical and the rest of GOA’s Strategic Partners, please visit for more info.