Help Senator Cruz Fight President Biden’s Registry!

Cruz Bill to Strike Down Biden Registry Rule

ATF just officially dropped its disastrous final rule, which will regulate certain gun parts kits and eventually add 100% of gun purchases since August 2002 into its nearly billion-record gun registry. Thankfully, we have allies on Capitol Hill who are willing to fight back – but they need your help!

Senator Cruz is fighting back

Senator Ted Cruz and other Second Amendment advocates have introduced a Congressional Review Act (CRA) which will force a vote in the Senate. This legislation will force all Senators to declare on their permanent voting record if they think ATF should expand its unlawful registry.

Make sure to hit the “Take Action” button to let them know how much this will influence your vote in their next election.

Time Is Running Out

One of GOA’s lobbyists on Capitol Hill, Alex Madajian, has been tracking the Congressional Review Act process very closely and had this to say:

Since the rule was officially displayed in the register yesterday, Senator Cruz wasted no time in his introduction of his CRA by introducing it in the Senate the day after. 

But, the legislative window we have to force a vote to strike down this rule is artificially limited by the Congressional Review Act guidelines, so it’s critical you communicate with your Senators immediately because time is of the essence!

Tell Your Senator What to Do

No matter how anti-gun your Senators may be, we want them to know that voting in favor of expanding the gun registry will sting them come election time. If you happen to be represented by one or two great Second Amendment warriors, we will automatically send them a letter of appreciation, instead of a demand to get on the CRA. We want them to know Gun Owners of America has their back and appreciates their efforts.