GOA Fighting Biden’s Attempt to Expand the Gun Registry

ATF is at it again—rewriting federal law to create new gun control laws. 

What is About to Happen? 

Tomorrow, the Biden Administration is expected to publish its final rule to combat “ghost guns”—or privately made firearms which are currently legal right now.  

The new rule will be entitled “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms,” but it will do far more than the White House is pretending.  

GOA will analyze the differences between this final rule and the previously published proposed rule, but here is what we know already. The proposed rule would require that 100% of Firearm Transaction Records from gun stores dating back to 2002 end up in ATF’s billion record gun registry, in addition to imposing massive restrictions on your ability to purchase and use firearm kits.

You heard that right.  

This new rule is about expanding an already billion-record gun registry to eventually include EVERY SINGLE SALE at EVERY SINGLE GUN STORE since 2002. 

This is pure gun control—ultimately people control. 

GOA is Fighting Back! 

Thankfully, GOA’s team of attorneys and lobbyists has been preparing for this fight.   

We’ve known this was coming, since they announced this rule as a proposed rule back in May of 2021.  

We plan on fighting this tooth and nail in the courts, as well as, in the halls of Congress. A lawsuit is in the works, but we need your help.  


But GOA doesn’t only rely on the court system to defend the Second Amendment, as its reactionary by nature. 

That’s why GOA is working to force a vote in the Senate to strike down this rule using a procedure known as the Congressional Review Act. 

Using the Congressional Review Act, 30 Senators can submit a petition that will force the Senate to vote on rejecting this rule, bypassing the powerful filibuster.  

That’s where you come in. 

How You Can Help: 

We need you to fill out a message to your senators and representatives at the top of this page demanding they sign-on to this petition in both legislative chambers. 

We want Congress on the record demonstrating their support or rejection of this abusive demonstration of gun control.  

Will Congress strike down Biden’s attempt to expand and solidify ATF’s national gun registry? 

Will the Courts enforce the Firearm Owners Protection Act against any new rules or regulations that create gun or gun owner registries?  

These are dangerous times for the Second Amendment, but Gun Owners of America is standing up to the gun grabbers. 

We’re here to defend your constitutional rights.  

Stand with us. 

Together, let’s put vulnerable senators who are up for reelection in the hot seat and make them show their true colors. 

Together, let’s take this fight to the courts and uphold the Firearm Owners Protection Act! 

Ed. Note: This article was updated on April 12, 2022.