MA: Massive Gun Control Bill Moving in State Legislature!

The anti-gun Democrats in the Massachusetts Legislature have just introduced and begun fast tracking THE WORST anti-Second Amendment omnibus bill in the whole nation! 

Their bill, HD 4420, would ban more firearms than any other state in the entire country. This bill is 140 pages of the worst gun control proposals ever introduced – making legally owning a firearm nearly impossible in Massachusetts. 

And just hours after it was introduced, before it was even given a permanent bill number, it has already been sent to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. 

The omnibus gun control bill: 

  • Redefines “Assault-style firearm” to be more extensive and bans ALMOST ALL semi-automatic firearms from civilian ownership.
  • Redefines “firearm” into a broader term that includes even stun guns. 
  • Mandates “safe storage” procedures, locking up guns against your will. 
  • Mandates REGISTRATION of all guns and feeding devices. 
  • Confusing language for new MA residents and on the serialization of guns. 
  • Mandates reporting any parts modifications to firearms. 
  • Mandates reporting an itemized list of parts when modifying or building a gun. 
  • Mandates serializing of feeding devices (magazines). 
  • Mandates that privately made guns need to be registered within 7 days. 
  • Bans anyone under 21 from acquiring or carrying semi-automatic rifles or shotguns. 
  • Forces new requirements for firearms retailers. 
  • Forces new training mandates for law-abiding gun owners. 
  • Adds additional prohibited areas where even licensed individuals cannot defend themselves with a firearm. 

The list of prohibitions and restrictions goes on and on. Anti-gun legislators in Massachusetts are not even trying to hide their disdain for the Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms. 

And now is the time for us to crank up the pressure and make our voices heard. 

GOA is working with Gun Owners’ Action League (GOAL) in Massachusetts to fight this bill, and they have a great page that will be kept up to date on what is going on with HD 4420 here. 

With the anti-gun Democrats in control of the State House, Senate, and Governor seats, there is a real chance of this extremely tyrannical omnibus bill becoming law. 

I need you to take action TODAY and begin applying pressure on the lawmakers in Boston. 

Please click here to send a pre-written message to your Legislators urging them to oppose HD 4420.