WA: Gun ban moving on Thursday, Jan 20!

Gun haters in the Washington Senate are fixated on banning firearms, and if you own certain named guns, or even guns that are similar — they want to ban them.  The offending bill is SB 5217. The Senate Committee on Law and Justice conducted a public hearing yesterday and has scheduled an Executive Session to decide what to do with the  bill on January 20 — in just two days.

Like other bills of this type that GOA has fought, SB 5217 includes a long list of firearms that the sponsors falsely label as “assault weapons.”  And in case they forgot to add something to the list, they have also included the catch all phrase: “a copycat weapon, regardless of which company produced and manufactured the firearm.”   Not only that, in case they forgot to name certain firearms, SB 5217 includes a list of features such pistol grips, folding stocks, flash hiders and other things that the sponsors find objectionable that will make a firearm an “assault weapon.”

SB 5217 then goes on to state that the sale or possession of these firearms is prohibited (violation of the provisions of SB 5217 is a Class C felony) but the sponsors will allow anyone who already owns one to keep it — for now.  But the owner must register it with the Washington State Patrol — presumably to build a list for confiscation at a later date.

This is why the Committee Members need to hear from you — TODAY!  Click here for the Committee Roster.

We at GOA feel that legislative committees represent all residents of Washington State — although the legislature does not agree.  So unless you reside in a particular Committee Member’s district, the website will not allow you to send an email.

That’s why we are giving you this link so that you can call each Committee Member and urge them to reject SB 5217.  Thank you for taking action.