GOA Combatting Biden & Bloomberg in Court to Save 2A Sanctuaries

Your fellow gun owners need you.

Anti-gunners are trying to crack down on 2A Sanctuaries across America, with their sights now set on one of the strongest sanctuary laws in the nation – Missouri.

Last year, GOA successfully rallied our grassroots members in Missouri to press their legislators and Governor to support HB 85, a bill that would impose $50,000 penalties on any agency that enforces federal gun control that exceeds what is allowed by Missouri law.

The Governor signed it into law, infuriating anti-gunners…

Now, attorneys from Bloomberg’s Everytown and the Biden-Harris Administration are seeking revenge by helping anti-gunners in St. Louis sue the state of Missouri.

Gun Owners Foundation is now stepping in to help a local constitutional organization – the Freedom Center of Missouri – fight back in defense of Missouri’s status as a 2A Sanctuary.

While we will be proudly adding our name to the amicus brief, Gun Owners Foundation will also be contributing financially to help these patriots take on the gun control Goliath that will try to crush them in court.

I sincerely hope you’ll be able to help – as this will certainly not be the last time Bloomberg’s anti-gun cronies team up with the Biden-Harris Administration to try and shut down sanctuaries that protect our God-given rights.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to Gun Owners Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund to help us protect 2A Sanctuaries in Missouri – and all across America.

Contribute now to help defend the Second Amendment

I know I said this is a David vs. Goliath battle, but I assure you it’s a fight that we can win.

Last year, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown tried to shut down a citizen-passed measure establishing a 2A Sanctuary in an Oregon county.

GOA teamed up with Oregon Firearms Federation to fight back in defense of their constitutional rights.

Thanks in part to support from grassroots donors like you, we prevailed and delivered a victory for gun owners in blue Oregon.

Now, we’re ready to do the same in Missouri, and help their strong 2A Sanctuary law be a model for other states to follow as a powerful resistance to the Biden-Harris Administration’s attempts to thrust gun control upon the American people.

These 2A Sanctuaries simply reiterate the very words of the Constitution that state that our rights “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

But unfortunately, our country has strayed so far from the wise words of our Founding Fathers that we now need to wage a costly, brutal legal battle just to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Amazingly, the same anti-gunners who want to shut down 2A Sanctuaries that protect your God-given right to self-defense also want to establish “sanctuary cities” that subvert the law to shield criminal illegal aliens.

In Biden’s America, up is down and down is up. Criminals are protected and honest gun owners are punished.

2A Sanctuaries are America’s last best hope of restoring freedom and justice during these troubling times for our nation.

This is a battle we MUST win.

So please, make a tax-deductible contribution to Gun Owners Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund to help us protect 2A Sanctuaries in Missouri – and all across America.