Virginia State Crime Commission needs to hear from you

The Crime Commission Should Push for Constitutional Carry

Urge your State Lawmakers to Support Constitutional Carry!

Last month Governor Ralph “Black Face” Northam called the General Assembly back to Richmond to consider several anti-gun proposals.

The Governor did this because he wanted to capitalize on the tragedy in Virginia Beach. Governor Northam and his partisan friends will never let a crisis go to waste.

In other words, they were simply doing what they have always wanted to do — and Virginia Beach gave them the “excuse” they needed.

Governor Northam even admitted that none of his proposals would have prevented the Virginia Beach tragedy.

Fortunately, House and Senate leadership saw right through the Governor’s ruse and ended the “special session” shortly after it began.

However, the Governor’s anti-gun proposals were referred to the Virginia Crime Commission for recommendations, and that’s where you come in. We need to fill their inbox with comments opposing gun control.

Here is a list of the subjects that the Crime Commission will study, on Monday (8/19) and Tuesday (8/20) of next week, with brief descriptions:

  • Criminalizing private sales, in other words, sell a gun to a friend and go to jail. But this would have done nothing to stop the Virginia Beach Murderer.  According to law enforcement, he purchased the firearms (and sound suppressor) used in the attack from licensed dealers and passed background checks.
  • Banning commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and magazines.  The Virginia Beach tragedy was committed with handguns, not rifles. Following the shooting, Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera stated, “I’m a member of Major City Chiefs, we did publish something about a year and a half ago [on gun control]. I don’t think most of that would have mattered in this particular case [because] the weapons were obtained legally.  Everything was done in a legal manner by this individual.”
  • Banning firearm silencers/suppressors.  Despite the name, firearms are still very loud (over 100 decibels) even when using a sound suppressor.  This will just make criminals out of law-abiding Virginians who own sound suppressors.
  • Rationing Second Amendment rights by limiting firearm purchases to one per month.  This was tried, for close to 20 years.  It had no effect on crime, but it did punish the law-abiding for the acts of criminals.
  • Further victimizing those who suffer loss or theft for failing to report lost or stolen firearms.
  • Imposing government standards for storing firearms and requiring them be made unavailable for self-defense.  These one-size-fits-all mandates are a bureaucrat’s dream come true, but the reality is that every home and family is different, and people must remain free to what is best for their family.
  • Allowing localities to pass their own gun control.  Virginia Beach violated the existing preemption law by banning guns on city property. So Governor Northam wants to reward them by making it easier for localities to prevent citizens from exercising their right to carry and their right to armed self-defense.

The Virginia-Pilot reported that one of the victims, Kate Nixon, considered carrying her self-defense firearm to work on May 31.  Sadly, the late Ms. Nixon opted instead to obey an illegal city ordinance, and she paid with her life.

Time and time again, American history has proven that government is the problem not the solution.  The US Supreme Court ruled in Bowers v. Devito, 686 F. 2d. 616, 618 (7th cir. 1982) that the police have no duty to provide protection services to citizens.  Thus, we are on our own to defend against violent criminals and firearms are the best tool with which to do so.

Please email the Virginia State Crime Commission and urge them to reject all of Governor Northam’s anti-gun proposals.  Please urge the commission to instead, advocate for Constitutional Carry and a stronger preemption law that will penalize rogue officials who violate it — like the Virginia Beach Mayor and City Council.