Rhode Island Democrats are quickly advancing a mandatory firearms storage bill that would significantly impede gun owners’ ability to defend themselves within their own home or property.

S 2202 is a “safe storage” bill that would make you a criminal for not keeping your firearms locked up at ALL times. Rhode Island Democrats have no right to tell you what you can or cannot do with your legally owned firearms on your own property.

In self-defense situations, seconds can determine life or death. Bills like S 2202 are detrimental to citizens in moments where defending life, family, and property requires swift action. Democrats in the legislature show complete disregard for their constituents right to self-defense by making legally owned firearms harder to quickly and readily access.

This bill is coming up in the RI House Judiciary Committee tomorrow on 5/23/2024, so it’s important that we act quickly. Send them a message in the form above and tell them NO on mandatory safe storage!