October 15, 2018
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GOA’s Tim Macy: L.A. Council Takes Step Toward Resurrecting Mandatory Yellow Badges

Springfield, VA – The Los Angeles City Council recently passed a measure which forces any city contractor to disclose their ties to the National Rifle Association.

The resolution passed with a unanimous vote of 10-0.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell pushed the resolution, claiming it was needed because the gun lobby has been the biggest “roadblock” to passing gun control legislation.

But GOA Chairman Tim Macy explained that such tactics amount to nothing more than “political intimidation.”

“How strange,” Macy said, “that the L.A. City council is not even requiring contractors to disclose ties with terrorist groups. This just proves the anti-gun animus of the city council.”

Not only that, Macy explained that such tactics have historically been used to relegate a certain percentage of the population as second-class citizens.

“This is clearly an effort to demonize gun owners,” Macy said. “We’ve seen this kind of official intimidation in recent history, and it’s never a pretty sight.

When Jews were forced to wear Yellow Badges prior to World War II, it was done in an effort to isolate and dehumanize them, “marking them as being different (i.e., inferior) to everyone else.”

“Isn’t this exactly what the L.A. City Council is trying to do?” Macy asked.

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